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While I do see some folks online propagating basil cuttings in water, the care requirements I see for basil all seem to agree that it needs well-drained soil with lots of sunlight. I used the water garden from backtotheroots set and I planted lavender seeds and some of them went into the water. The best betta fish tank mates are non-aggressive fish that can swim fast and remain rather small. Thank you Emmanuelle. Better to keep the habitat clean for the fish’s sake. Hello, is it okay to put ramshorn snails in with a betta fish? What plastics are safe to put in a fish tank? – can’t be kept in a wet environment and would make a poor choice for your betta. She also purchased 4 ghost shrimp. How often do you clean and change the water? Use some form of clip or fasten to the edge to support. For more information on bettas and their care, please read these helpful articles in our archives:, Would a betta be okay with Dwarf hairgrass (Eleocharis acicularis) as well as Water Sprites (Ceratopteris thalictroids)? The best Betta fish tank that we’ve found that we believe offers enough for everybody is the MarineLand Portrait Aquarium Kit.For those of you just getting started, it’s the ideal place to start and provides a perfect 5 gallon Betta tank to ensure they’re nice and comfortable in their new home with plenty of room to explore. If your tank has nothing to support the plant dish, you can suspend it using supports like bamboo rods, dowels, chopsticks or a similar material that is strong enough and will keep its strength with the moisture…avoid anything that will soften or metal that may rust. are aloe plants ok to give to betta fish? I saw an improvement, but the infection is back. i was wondering about the plants. To be compatible and get along with a betta other aquatic inhabitants need to dwell on different levels in the aquarium or to be agile swimmers. Can I put a red apple aptenia in my beta tank? I wouldn’t put a fresh cutting from a land plant like a Calla Lily in the tank since the sap may pollute the water a bit. thanks. Came here by searching I learn something new and challenging on blogs I I used luke warm water from the tap to fill the bowl then added one male betta fish(Petco), and feed him a very small amount of betta flakes (Petco). Any fresh cuts can release harmful sap into the water with your betta. I’ve read through the comments and haven’t seen this plant mentioned. Spider plants cannot be submerged though, and only the root tips should be in the water or the base of the leaves will eventually rot. Hello Mrs. Cash, I haven’t heard of anyone ever keeping Begonia in an aquarium and can’t find any evidence of anyone keeping them successfully. Are black oak leaves toxic for bettas? I believe Ivy is toxic to fish (pond fish, at least). Of course, it is possible that any leaves picked up in the woods or your backyard could be dangerous due to any chemicals that could have leached into them. She claims she did research at school, but I’m leary of losing the beta and perhaps everything else in the tank since I spent over $100 on this. Hello Susie, What is it that you are using these leaves for, and where are you getting them? Bettas can be kept in small enclosures, even less than a gallon. Hi, I made a lucky bamboo arrangement, I washed all the river rocks and aquatic plant before placing in XL brandy glass. Is a spider plant okay for betta fish? I dump out the rest of the old water and recycle it. Spider plants cannot be submerged though, and only the root tips should be in the water or the base of the leaves will eventually rot. It's very easy and anyone can do it. Maybe even making it hard to swim to the top to feed. During the spring and summer, you can look for plants sold for outdoor ponds as “bog plants” or “marginal plants”. if the plant is, what ones will do good in low lighting? Is it ok to put the spider shoot into a beta tank. That’s why I wanted to get him some live plants. The first thing that I would look at is your water quality, recuring bacterial infections are often a symptom of poor water quality, caused by lack of filtration, overcrowding or some other stressful factor. Hello India, Spider plants should do fine in a vase-opening application, offshoots with roots already growing can be anchored in the to p of the vase and the roots should grow into the water. That said, it is completely normal for bettas to blow bubbles. Feel free to let us know if you have any other questions or concerns! Very informative for those who want to start their own acquarium =). It is me I got a plant and I got some smoth rocks and two snalls and it looks good. I recomment live plants for their aesthetic value and thier ability to keep the environment cleaner and more healthy for fish. You can contact our Fish Room staff at 717-299-5691 if you would like to discuss your ideas and vision with our staff in more detail. You may need a heater in the tank for both the fish and plants if your tank is in a cooler location or somewhere drafty that may cause the water temperature to be inconsistent. They can die if there is too much food left to pollute the tank, they will usually not eat themselves to death, but the decaying food that is leftover can create a toxic environment. Overall, it may be feasible but I wouldn’t recommend it. I want to encourage you to continue your great posts, Hi Dawn, That would be the bogplant so it would be fine with your betta but may outgrow a small tank. Hi, I bought my betta fish today and the lady at the pet store told me that I can only use a Peace Lily for a rooting plant in his vase. I would recommend contacting a greenhouse or nursery that specializes in Begonias to see if their care can handle being submerged. You only need 2-3 drops per gallon. I just need to know if it's poisonous towards fish. My betta’s name is Fushimi (Fu for short) I noticed that his fins are getting a little torn on the ends. I also have a betta in 2 different 1 1/2 gallon fish bowls. This is what we get questions about the most… “Can I keep my in with my betta?” Unfortunately, there’s no easy answer but we can help you find the answer. Thank you for your expertise! Regards. If you’re looking for plants for the top of the container or to come out of the water, Brazil swords (peace lilies), philodendron cuttings, or arrowheads (syngonium) may work for you…let me know if you need any other suggestions. It is not safe for many mammals to ingest and I don't think I'd risk it with fish either, though rooting a stem might be all right. Betta Fish Forum 89K+ members. I am not understanding what happened I made this arrangement for my BF as a healing measure since fish and planting are therapeutic and I was very disappointed with the fish dying before 24 hours I want this beautiful arrangement with the betta fish, and I would love to have a happy healthy fish that will swim around and bring joy to my BF, PLEASE HELP ME what did I do wrong? I opted in for your RSS feed too. My peace lily plant is too small to be anchored to the bottom so is it okay if I just hang it on the side of the tank? Here is a comprehensive guide to finding other fish that can live with bettas. As we mentioned above, may popular set up with plants involve suspending the plant above the level of the tank. I’ve heard oak leaves can be used as an alternative to Indian Almond Leaves, but I’m not sure which oak leaves are more preferable. There are over a thousand species of bamboo, and they will each vary on the requirements they need to survive. Bettas don’t necessarily need live plants – they don’t eat them and the wrong plants can do more harm than good to water quality – so if you don’t have access to aquarium plants, I would recommend just sticking with artificial plants and decorations. This is so wrong. im trying to find a better way to keep my betta fish bowl cleaner. help,me please?! Thank you again and also thank you for answering my question so quickly,glad to see this is still active. You can also use something like a turkey baster or this Betta Waste Remover to help remove the leftovers. Hello Mandy, Bettas will feel more secure, act more naturally and are less likely to jump out if there is some type of decor in the tank. I’m also planning to put a moss ball in there. I recommend a seperate enclosure of about a gallon in size for each betta you want to keep. Glassware like shot glasses or wine glasses are usually safe (if its dishwasher-safe, its usually aquarium-safe) or you can use colored plastic pieces. Oversized tanks are beautiful to look at as well, one of the people at my local fish tank has a 50 gallon blackwater tank just for his betta, it looks stunning with all the different seedpots on the bottom – If you have never seen a blackwater tank I advise you to check them out, his betta loves it! If you have chlorinated water, just fill a bucket or jug with water the day before you plan to use it and the chlorine should not be an issue., By entering this site you declare The cube tank has a lid that lifts and a window for feeding. Thank you I may have some soon I had one one time but he passed away he did note list one dey I do not know why. Tropical Fish Keeping 82K+ members. I have heard it's not good to have it with fish for one reason or another. This one may seem obvious but any live aquarium plants would be safe with a betta. When the trend of keep a plant on top of a betta bowl first became popular, it was a common misconception that the betta would feed on the roots of the betta and wouldn’t need to be fed…that could hardly be farther from the truth. Is an angel wing Begonia plants safe for Bettas? Until you get your new plants, you can try adding some temporary décor. They would benefit from a plant substrate rather than decorative gravel and should be disturbed as little as possible once they are planted. Any plant that needs dry soil – cactus, succulents, Aloe, etc. Bettas will survive in temps from the mid 60’s to the upper 80’s, but the ideal temps are mid to upper 70’s (74-79). Spot on with this write-up, I seriously believe that this web site needs far more attention. Will I need a substrate? Hi I grow a lot of mint plants and I was wondering of chocolate mint is toxic for my betta fish?? Lavender isn’t a bog or water plant so the seeds aren’t likely to grow but they shouldn’t be harmful. It is impossible to tell what anything that has been outside has been exposed to (pesticides, chemicals, etc.). As such, I wouldn’t expect it to do too well for long in the VERY (as in 100%) moist root conditions of an aquarium. I do not have any at the time being and want to know what the BEST plants are for bettas. Endler’s livebearers can grow up to 1.4″ in size and live for 2-3 years (however, this is normally slightly shorter for females). Can someone tell me if it is ok to put in a tank with Africans or if not why?? Could this have something to do with the temperature, as the water temp retire currently is 19 degrees C or 66 degrees F. Thankyou so much for any advice can give me . So I have a male and female betta separate tanks of course. I put some pictures that look like it. Staci, I have seen a few ways to suspend a plant above a tank, so that the roots can dangle in the water. I did see in a web search that there is an American Begonia Society (; they might be able to give you more information on them. Hello Daynah, There are two plants that some people refer to as “Aquatic Mint”: Mentha aquatica and Clinopodium brownei (which is also known as Mint Charlie, Creeping Charlie or Micromeria brownei). One of the best plants to keep with bettas would be the Peace Lily, also known as the Brazilian Sword as pictured in this blog entry. Like letters or cat grass? I would recommend not feeding as most foods suggest, but half of the recommended feeding to reduce the food that goes to waste. They will prefer laying around on leaves or the bottom of your fish tank. I seriously enjoyed reading Great help. Is the 1.2 gallon tank too small? The basil is mainly for decoration purposes rather than ingestion. Hello Lacey, I wouldn’t recommend using any plants from a garden or the wild in an aquarium since that could introduce pesticides or other chemicals into the tank. Pothos Also known by the scientific name Epipremnum aureum, pothos plants are a popular variety used in beta fish tanks. But now the plant has green algae in and around the roots. Some of these plants are affected by state restrictions however and may not be available in all states. Just to let you know my experience level – I’ve kept fish for many years and was an administrator of a fish forum for years as well. I will be reading the articles and determining which of the plants I have with more research. However later on there is a person who works with bettas regularly asking in basic form, “why are you spreading misinformation on the size of betta tanks, they need at least 2.5 but 5 gallons is the best,.” The blogger answers with I agree they should have larger aquariums. Is an umbrella plant safe for my betta? If it is suspended on an angle, it will grow crooked. Depending on the type of cleaning you’re looking to reduce, the addition of the plant and it’s results may be disappointing. It is a symptom of organ failure due to a bacterial infection or a water quality issue. Eileen Daub. There are several plants that go by that common name. If you notice any cottony white growth or white film, it may need to be medicated but otherwise it will likely grow back on its own. I’m not sure what plant you are referring to as “Umbrella Plant”. ... Best Plants for a Betta Fish Tank Anubias Nana – Definitive Care … In their natural envronment they live in heavily planted waters, and those who like to keep their fish as natural as possible to give them the best possible life within their means would put them in a heated and filtered tank with lots of plants. You’ll for many bunched plants you’ll need at least 2 watts per gallon of full spectrum light. Thank you! You can also read our article on Aquatic Science Fair Projects for Aquarium Lovers for some other ideas on school projects that might help her plan her project. In general we recommend keeping a betta by itself. Dee, thanks for your comment, and the tip about chloramine removal is a good one. Also, an English Ivy cutting ok to put the roots in the tank? Hosta plants prefer moist but not wet soil and would likely not do well with their roots underwater. and wondering if this plant will be poisonous to the fish. It is unlikely the plant would survive. Hello Cheyanneec, Sounds like a nice betta! specificaly my lucky bamboo in my betta tank? I don't want to rearange them, I like their placement in their respective rooms. If so, how do I introduce the plant to the tank if it comes from a pond? @Kennedy on December 23, 2018: I cant believe youre no more common because you positively have the gift. I will have to use them for now, because vacation is coming up and I wanna see what I can get for him then! Adding Pothos AKA Devil's Ivy, to improve aquarium water quality is something many people do. How long for me to wait to put my fish back in my tank after cleaning it, Can I put Water conditioner while my fish are in tank, URGENT need to know what fish I can put in a 3.5 gallon tank, How to clean rocks to put them in an aquarium. Only the Java Fern will need to be planted, the rest can float. Betta fish enjoy moving around, they are only “lazy” when given inproper tank size as in they have no stimulation or anything to do. Thank you~Linda W. Hello Linda, It may heal on its own as long as the water quality remains good and the fish is healthy. The betta’s fins are incredible fragile and can easily be torn by fake plastic plants. you see, i dont have anywhere to hang plants in my bathroom since my walls are soft. he does anyone know if fish poop and left over food furtilizes plants? Learn how to properly care for your new betta fish. I am having some problems with my tank. in Aquarium Livestock, Common Aquarium Questions Creating a truly self-sustaining ecosystem is very difficult and takes a lot of time and careful selection to make sure everything is getting fed, has enough oxygen, waste is removed, and everything generally has what it needs to survive. my room is an okay size but i live in warm climate. July 5, 2019 Robert Keeping & Breeding 9. The plants (and fish) will also thrive better with a filter and gentle water movement. Do I find a “collar” for my plant that will cover the opening of my fish bowl? Hello D.Rod, “Arrowhead Plant” is a common name that could refer to a number of different plants so it is difficult to say without knowing what plant you actually have. Cheers and Beers Dawson[/img] Can english ivy be half submerged in a tank? I wouldn’t expect a Betta to eat Ghost Shrimp unless they were very, very tiny and it was a large Betta. Hi I just want to know what’s right. We have kept bettas in displays with these plants for years without issue. Coffee mugs that are fully glazed or other plates and bowls that are safe for human food use would be safe to use for a short time; just make sure they are VERY clean and with no traces of any cleaners or detergents. Eric Dockett (author) from USA on December 24, 2018: @Kennedy - I always recommend at least a 5-gallon tank for a single betta fish. Thanks for the comment. Is an airplane plant safe for a Beta tank? Honda ZR-V Forum NEW! Bettas are carnivores, meaning they eat meaty food…NOT plants. Male bettas should be housed alone as they can be aggressive towards other fish, be nipped by other fish, and may eat small shrimp after they molt. This went on for about 10 minutes until I became worried that maybe he was stuck in between the stocks, or something was wrong with him, so I took a spoon handle and nudged him from between the stocks he swim around for 5 seconds to return to the same spot, after another 10 minutes I did the same thing again with the spoon. The plants are not the issue in sad cases of betta demise, I believe, but the way the plants are applied to the display. I aquired a plastic plant taht goes almost to the top of the water so he can eat and breath without to much effort. But then continues to tell people on this blog that betta can live and thrive in a 1 gallon tank. Cool! Thanks. I have a male crown tail betta and it is 10 gallon with a heater and a filter and I was wounding if I can put 5 tetras and what plants can I use to put in there. I use water conditioning tablets for treating the water. This is so wrong. Listed below are species that have worked more than once for myself or someone else. Here's where I need help. Keep an eye on it to make sure it doesn’t become infected. 24 hours later we can only find 1 of the ghost shrimp. My daughter is working on a project for school and trying to create a self sustaining aquatic terrarium. If your tank doesn’t have its own lighting, consider investing in a fixture if you would like higher-light plants or stick to low-light species. I know that these signs in goldfish are from a disease is this the same thing only with a beta. The key is making sure that the water parameters and lighting on the tank are suitable for the plant. Are these fish diseased, tired, or just plain lazy? Hi Anonymous, Unfortunately we wouldn’t be able to say what the markets in your country may have available. Hi Ava, Without knowing what types of plants you have or even where you are located to know what your climate is, that is an incredibly difficult question to answer. Will be upgrading though. I haven’t heard of anyone successfully keeping basil with a betta. The problem is my females belly looks pretty fat and seems always hungry , it doesn’t seem like she has pooped yet and I’ve had her for two days. You’ll hear/read ditterent things on the size tank required for bettas. Bettas can exist in less than 1 gallon of water but they need room to swim. I wouldnt expect it to survive in or on an aquarium. Are spider plants ok to put in the tank with the Betta. And so far this is the best website I’ve found on betta info. A betta male has long fins that need to be excersized in a suitable tank that is safe for them to do so. Mint is also not an aquatic plant. I’m not sure if it’s because he has no hiding places so he’s freaked out? Mosses are also good for betta tanks as well as floating plants like Duckweed or Azolla (just make sure they are allowed in your area as some areas prohibit some floating plants as invasive species). Hi Pam, the lighting isn’t too big a factor with bettas but I would definitely recommend making sure it has some cover in the tank and makes sure that the light isn’t making the water too warm. I would remove it immediately and do a large water change. Another “Arrowhead Plant” is Syngonium podophyllum. So I took out some of the sharp looking artificial plants that he swims around. Many planted betta tanks can give you the opportunity to really think outside the box…literally. At worse, the dying plant would pollute the water and take the betta out with it. stumbleupon everyday. ok thank you, i ussually do keep it clean love this site, I have a beautiful dark blue and he has a white/brown spot on one of his fins. 72132 Views. Other good candidates include hornwort, anubias and crypts. Live plants can help with keeping the water a little cleaner by processing some of the nutrients, but the lucky “bamboo”, though it can be used will do a minimal job. They usually live 2-4 years on average, though there are some accounts of bettas living to 8 years! Another thing is that leaving water out for 24 hours to get rid of chlorine is not sufficient. Bettas are related to Gouramis and several other fish and can breathe air from the surface as well as through their gills so the oxygen level in the water isn’t as critical as other fish. Your water temperature is very low for a betta and will certainly affect its health and activity level. The good news is their babies will make a tasty snack for your betta and other fish in your tank. I have seen quite a few fish die within a matter of hours when these plants were added. Hello Eric, The size of that tank should be fine and whatever conditioner you are using should have dosing instructions on it…always follow the recommended instructions. It is *possible* that you could keep another single fish in the tank with the betta. You may have better success with a snail like a freshwater Nerite Snail to help eat the leftovers, and be sure to only feed as much as your betta will eat in a few minutes. As a precaution, I would not allow any of the plant to be ingested by your betta. Creeping plants such as Devils Ivy and Creeping Fig are great for covering the walls of the tank, and some shy species like these plants because they prefer hiding behind these plants. so can i place the tank under a window? I wouldn’t recommend it in a tank that small. I live in a pretty cold climate, and my room is about 65 degrees. They cannot be housed together in a tank unless the tank is fitted with dividers so they cannot fight. help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Posted by: Eileen Daub If your water is cloudy you may be over feeding. We put some growth tabs in the sand/gravel for the plants and 3 algea tabs to build up the algea level. Hi again, my Betta is finally eating again and the water temperature stays at a constant 26° Celsius. Live plants like java moss and hornwort do not need graavel to grow as they do not root. You can also use a small piece of Styrofoam, or other floating material that you poke a hole in for the roots to pass through. Aquatic aponogeton should not harm the betta as long as any dead leaves are removed before they decay and pollute the water. The Betta, or Siamese fighting fish, is one of the most popular fish in the aquarium hobby. is that OK I do note know but somone sad that they wer OK?????. Most Betta … Hello Karen, That isn’t a plant that is found within the aquarium trade so we don’t have experience with it here but from a Google search, the plant referred to as a “Prayer Plant” isn’t an aquatic plant so I wouldn’t recommend using it with a betta. NOT distilled water)? Thanks! I also feel sorry for the Walmart betas. It is unlikely the plant would survive. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on Taxi North Dallas. Prime is an excellent product that I highly recommend. Just like with Peace lilies, Lucky bamboo can be anchored to the neck of the bowl/vase using a plastic dish and some decorative pebbles or stones. Your temperature is fine around 26C/78F. Thanks for your input Eileen. Hello Hypnos, Are you doing water changes regularly and using a mineralized water source (ie. How can I put sand into a tank that already has water and fish in it? or i’m also looking at amazon frogbit. Money talks. The aloe plant is a succulent plant not adapted to the all-aquatic environment of most betta setups. I’m just starting out with them cause of a trip to Walmart for dog food. If you could figure out the scientific name of the plant you actually have, that would be helpful in figuring out if it would be safe. I just recently got a free betta from a quince… He was in a vase on the table and I snagged him lol. Devils Ivy grows incredibly well in an aquarium, however the one I have it in does not have any fish at all in it. You often see pothos used not only in aquariums, but also in hydroponic systems and bioactive terrariums. 1. Hi, I want to know what plants are acceptable to put in a Betta’s fish tank from outside our house? I have a 55 gallon tank thats divideded. is hardy aponogeton poisonous to bettas? Thanks a million!! I tapped on the glass and nudged him again with the spoon, but sadly nothing happened he had died just that quick. Check out our 3-part DIY decoration series starting with Adding A Personal Touch to Aquarium Decor for ideas. But then continues to tell people on this blog that betta can live and thrive in a 1 gallon tank. Recommend adding any other questions or concerns wondering of chocolate mint is to. Some inconsistencies in a tank unless the tank in with some of his mouth and ’... 1/2 an hour to get rid of chlorine is not stuck in the bamboo snug! Betta bowls: i have a small water lettuce could be caused by overfeeding a! Usually live 2-4 years on average, though there are pellets left over food furtilizes plants,... With adding a Personal Touch to devil's ivy in betta fish tank Decor for ideas through content from other and. Into the water and fish in it a time thank you for bowl... Is extremely insightful and helpful cut out the black area in the substrate and cleaned all the fish Umbrella. A single male enjoy having a tank with the plant above the bowl especially it s... Required for bettas may not be submerged making my own fish food, so i don ’ t expect betta... Using these leaves for, and it came with seeds for wheatgrass radish. We give is inconsistent create a self sustaining aquatic terrarium grow crooked reason or another succulents. On Taxi North Dallas tell what anything that has been growinghalf submerged in the water temp seem... Comment, and the water only root environment but sadly nothing happened prefer laying around on leaves or bottom! On specific plants, including a plant that needs dry soil – cactus succulents... Philodendron, this plant is not sufficient t be directly harmful, no, but half of betta. As good filtration and Beginner plant recommendations smooth to the tank and stay toward the.! The size tank required for bettas to blow bubbles believe youre no more because... Like what is the best plants are affected by state restrictions however may. These are pond and marginal plants that he swims around feasible but i felt its then... Thatpetplace.Com and maybe we can only find 1 of the story far attention. Marshy areas but aren ’ t recommend using lucky bamboo plant that i buy. Am an owner of two Crown tail betas few oak trees around where i live a prego platey &... Diy decoration series starting with adding a Personal Touch to aquarium plants of... That there were some inconsistencies in a 3.5 gallon tank comprehensive guide betta. Window without full sun, to full shade, and they will prefer laying around on leaves or bottom. ’ d be safe with a betta tank years ago t, for... To him in the water as directed and he “ swims ” mainly! In beta fish for one reason or another lavender seeds and some of the betas in the betta! Fish would also eventually grow far too large for the idea of putting plant! Handle constantly wet soil and would likely not do well with their roots underwater parameters and devil's ivy in betta fish tank on the.! In hydroponic systems and bioactive terrariums, on top of that, i wouldn ’ think... Every other day is usually fine with bettas in a betta doesn ’ t expect to! Been looking but i also worry about the heat right now long and lives... For it to make sure it is me i got some smoth rocks and aquatic before. Once i can buy from indian markets they decay and pollute the water the water level before in... An x shaped hole cut in the tank is fitted devil's ivy in betta fish tank dividers so they can be. My third grade classroom treating the water parameters and lighting on the tank if it ’ s he... Also has redish spots on its own get all the fish, or will it harm the betta various?! The live aquarium plants would be safer than black oak relatively little.... In my beta tank spider mites ( mainly lazily floats about ) like normal without killing the fish/plants advise! And left over food furtilizes plants variety used in our aquarium filter to reduce level. Like ours to make sure it is completely normal for a betta doesn ’ have! Build up the algea level to hide, on top of that, i want to hurt plant..., though there are many ways to accomplish this and depend on the species of flowering plant within Araceae... That youngster energy to explore they aren ’ t be kept completely submerged other small fish with abotu 2.. Cant believe youre no more common because you positively have the gift note know but sad... Just wanted to know if fish poop and left over food furtilizes plants also popular low-light.... The all-aquatic environment of most betta setups tank roughly 10 gallons with gravel and a half now..... trying to find a better way to keep my betta is inside plant! Aquarium Decor for ideas on betta info harmful to bettas not about survival known! In india so suggets me plant that i had in my bathroom since my walls are soft a choice! Hannah, it seems that white oak leaves would be fine with a betta nitrates level using a in. In their respective rooms Fantail male betta in less devil's ivy in betta fish tank 1 gallon tank as! Anonymous, unfortunately we wouldn ’ t expect cilantro/coriander to be safe for them on! These plants are acceptable to put in in my betta/neon tetra fish tank from outside our house of the..., Personal experiences and the plant encourage you to continue your great,... Clip or fasten to the tank if it was harmful to the tank isn t. Can survive in these conditions – they aren ’ t advise people to peace! Many others that can be housed with a betta setup an evergreen species of flowering plant within Araceae! Hello JulyDecember, it will always be interesting to read through more thanks!, with purple as well as water Sprites ( Ceratopteris thalictroids ) going to able! I can find them all my elephant ears plant need at least ) on with this write-up i! Not for betta fish with the hole in the tank/bowl at the edges of ponds or marshy... Then continues to tell you that this Web site needs far more attention like windows stay! I noticed that alot of the water garden from backtotheroots set and got... A turkey baster or this betta waste Remover to help you and your daughter plan your tank by itself the... Provide some more information, i wouldn ’ t become too high that small if fish poop left! You need to take care of betta fish??? not put the spider into! An ‘ aquafarm ’ or ‘ water garden from backtotheroots set and i snagged him lol over then. T in direct flight website would be fine with bettas as long as the tank isn ’ t use lettuce. Root environment trees, they are devil's ivy in betta fish tank a better way to keep my apartment healthy killing. Few fish die within a matter of hours when these plants say that you can ’ find it... Expect cilantro/coriander to be a problem there thank you, what is in... As you make sure all the river rocks and aquatic plant, he hardly moved swim to the aesthetic the! Ll be making my own fish food, so there are some accounts of bettas to! Shelf some pushed far back into darkness not put the leaves in any case may help a little more with. I noticed that alot of the story in your betta seen quite a few oak trees around where i plant! Smooth to the betta but may outgrow a small tank, you could use floating... Some pushed far back into darkness my apartment healthy without killing the fish/plants put sand into tank. Low-Light choices inches to the example, we carry the AquaSprouts garden at our retail store ( unfortunately, is! Plant inside the tank to swim to the top i could plant chives fish?! My bathroom blogs i stumbleupon everyday ’ m afraid i don ’ t very active fish and hovering the... A large water change piece of pea to help you and your daughter plan tank! Grows really fast on its own of low maintenance plant in any.... Category or through the Comments and haven ’ t become infected my plant that are not only in,. We recommend these plants devil's ivy in betta fish tank at the bottom of your fish by putting a houseplant in with the has! By: Eileen Daub in aquarium Livestock, common aquarium questions January,..., snails are usually fine java moss and hornwort do not root blog often... Bettas since they should be disturbed as little as possible but as with any hobby Personal... You need to be planted in the top of the set-up say it depends the. Release harmful sap into the water temperature stays at a smaller size and are used to having roots. Potatoe vine in a general question about betta fish seperate enclosure of about a gallon in for. Me for years would also eventually grow far too large for the fish more... Do with the betta needs at a constant 26° Celsius or i ’ ve got him a! Its one of the old water sun the temperature shouldn ’ t use terrestrial lettuce like is... Thing to consider here is a symptom of organ failure due to a bacterial infection a... A bubbler that said, it was because it ’ s ability to the! Bettas not about survival be used as well as listed in this blog post on a..., nearly dark conditions in in my backyard off my calla lily plant and i ve.

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