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4”-$20 : Anthurium subsignatum: Costa Rica: 4"-$25 : Anthurium veitchii: Pendulous, oblong strap leaves up to 1m long. Many of these are suitable for ornamental horticulture as house, conservatory or garden plants in suitable climates. Anthurium wendlingeri at International Aroid Society. It requires heat and humidity to excel but can succeed as a slow-growing houseplant under suboptimal conditions if not kept too dry. Anthurium forgetii is the cute, petite sibling among all of the other flamboyant Anthurium family members. Even plants grown in very deep shade lose their velvety appearance as leaves mature, so it is apparently leaf size - not age – that triggers the epidermal changes. This name is the accepted name of a species in the genus Anthurium (family Araceae).. Reference page. Compare to another clone from the same cross shown in the article on pebbled leaf anthuriums elsewhere on this website. Another year gone by and this anthurium is still thriving at the Conservatory of Flowers in San Francisco. Above left, wild origin Anthurum willifordii growing in a commercial greenhouse in Guatemala. Anthurium marmoratum – a large hemiepiphytic or epiphytic species in high canopy, low and middle elevations of central and northern Ecuador north into central Colombia (Valle de Cauca) Easily confused with A. queremalense (sp. A recurring problem for people interested in these plants is the lack of the original provenance of many, even those being grown in botanical gardens. 4”-$20 : Anthurium subsignatum: Costa Rica: 4"-$25 : Anthurium veitchii: Pendulous, oblong strap leaves up to 1m long. Determination of Anthurium warocqueanum variants requires fairly large plant material for proper diagnoses. Author’s California collection. The combination of white under-leaf surfaces, cordate leaves with pronounced basal lobes, large size at maturity and terete petioles are diagnostic. If Anthurium veitchii is “The King” and Anthurium warocqueanum is “The Queen”, then Anthurium regale should be considered “The Prince.” Their dark leaves have a suede-like texture and bright veining. Another of my older hybrids still being grown in very limited numbers in Guatemala, A. warocqueanum x dressleri, is also proving to be a very handsome cross as it matures (see image below). Of course, the King will need a “Queen”! While it certainly has showy leaves, it is finicky in cultivation and difficult to maintain as an unclustered plant. My recent experience in California indicates that leaves will rapidly bleach or fall off seed-grown younger individuals at temperatures of 100 F/38 C or higher. lupinum, an eastern Amazonian hemiepiphyte begins life with cordate, black-green velvety leaves with violet under leaf surfaces and becomes a glossy (with plane upper epidermal cells), sagittate leaf plant as it matures. These include Philodendron (e.g. Drawn by Pieter de Pannemaeker from life in 1873. I wish to know more about my anthurium up to now we dont know which variety it is maybe you can help if it os rare. These photos are unflashed and show plants at different stages of development. I have also recently discovered intrasectional wild hybrids of A. papillilaminum and A. ochranthum growing alongside both putative parents in Panamá, and other wild hybrids involving section Cardiolonchium have also been encountered and photographed in nature by Fred Muller across northern tropical America. Buy MSI Montauk Black 12 in. Discuss this image. It is broadly categorized as having B (=supernumerary) chromosomes, often possessing velvety (velutinous) leaves with smooth, ribbed or winged petioles, and greenish-violet or purple and white fruits. At one point in time, the Ozaki was one of the best selling varieties of anthurium flowers from Hawaii. This commonly leads to confused identifications, even by very experienced botanists and amateur naturalists. Reports of the “Norte” plant from Esmeraldas Province, Ecuador by regional nurseries are almost certainly bogus. Other members of sections Cardiolonchium, Andiphilum and Pachyneurium have matte-subvelvety or satiny-looking leaves throughout their lives. growing in nature in western Colombia (Image: A. Dearden). There is some variation among populations, but the species should have nearly orbicular leaves to 20”/50 cm in length, extremely long, terete petioles that greatly exceed foliage height and leaves should be conspicuously peltate throughout. Espesye sa tanom nga bulak ang Anthurium wendlingeri.Una ning gihulagway ni Graziela Maciel Barroso.Ang Anthurium wendlingeri sakop sa kahenera nga Anthurium sa kabanay nga Araceae. Trials have shown that cutting-grown plants artificially maintained as untrellised, terrestrial runners can retain their cordate, blackish-colored, velvety juvenile leaves indefinitely. Type: Epiphytes: 0 … See its sibling, A. Two very good clones from my 2003 remake of John Banta’s Anthurium warocqueanum hybrid, christened “Dark Moma” by him. This young individual matches 19th century images and descriptions perfectly. Anthurium flowers are very clean and keep the water clear. Media in category "Anthurium wendlingeri" The following 26 files are in this category, out of 26 total. A. atroviridis), Syngonium (e.g. Most of these were made or remade by me in Guatemala; a few others were done in Queensland, Australia and south Florida. Anthurium wendlingeri in World Checklist of Selected Plant Families. Two additional hybrids involving Anthurium warocqueanum; left, my A. warocqueanum x dressleri and right, Chris Hall and Arden Dearden’s gorgeous complex hybrid A. Other less commonly-cultivated species that are also subvelvety include the very striking Costa Rican endemic, A. schottianum, now believed to have been misplaced in this section solely due to it exhibiting involute ptyxis. Shown above left, a new leaf on a wild Anthurium leuconeurum in Chiapas, México and right, the very attractive and recently-described Guatemalan endemic, A. archilae. Previous Next. Recent observations of plants from a number of different localities across its range show notable and consistent variation in leaf form and texture as well as spathe + spadix color and almost certainly represent different species. A recent spate of eBay, Etsy and private offerings of mostly Indonesian-source plants that seek to dupe potential buyers has been observed and reported. Greater availability of second and third generation plants bred for size and vigor make this a far easier species to succeed with then … This is why I highly recommend saving your product searches on eBay and monitoring the daily notification emails. Jul 10, 2017 - Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for Anthurium wendlingeri Rare Epiphytic Aroid Orchid Ally Tropical Plant Collectors at the best online prices at eBay… Many velvet-leafed Cardiolonchium freely hybridize within the section. Some of the more attractive species are also popular as garden or houseplants in Latin America and regularly collected from nature in southeastern México, Colombia and Ecuador. Under perfect growing conditions - i.e. Casual examination of images reveals almost all are misidentified. The year 1936 was an important year for Hawaii’s anthurium flower industry. Likewise, spadix scent at anthesis, while pleasant, also differs from true A. crystallinum. Anthurium forgetii growing as a terrestrial in nature in lowland tropical rainforest, Antioquia Department, Colombia. While quaint, they bear no resemblance to any wild forms. placement in new Section Cordato-punctatum)included a few of the larger species from very shady environments that also have subvelvety leaves, most notably the Ecuadoran Anthurium pallidiflorum and the southern Central American A. wendlingeri (see post on the latter species elsewhere on this site). In the case of this particular hybrid, the reticulation has so far intensified as they mature. While less commonly-cultivated than velvet-leaf forms, a few fairly large, mostly terrestrial species have found their way into cultivation, such as Anthurium dolichostachyum, A. sp. Image: F. Muller. I’m not a fan of bidding on eBay, but you may possibly be able to acquire a plant for cheaper depending on how the auction goes. Published … Thomas Croat of the Missouri Botanical Garden made a cross between A. papillilaminum and A. dressleri in the late 1980s that may persist as a very rare plant in Australian collections. Mga kasarigan. Both are great plants that require warmth and high humidity to look their best. An outstanding example of an esqueleto in the Huntington Botanical Garden’s research greenhouse. Despite its superficial resemblance to some widespread contrast-veined Colombian species, A. carlablackiae appears to be more closely related to the central Panamanian endemic A. dressleri which occurs further west. Visually somewhat similar to another closely related Peruvian endemic and terrestrial species, A. pulcachense (currently placed in sect. “angamarcanum”), A. portillae (ined. 垂葉花燭 Anthurium wendlingeri 20190806183918 01.jpg 1,080 × 1,440; 196 KB. Slow-growing and oftentimes fussy in captivity, but well worth every effort to keep it happy. Anthurium cirinoi - originally described froma cultivated plant, that (if the same species) is apparently a localized endemic in low elevation pluvial tropical forests in the Chocó, Colombia. Peter Rockstroh again shows his considerable horticultural skills in having produced this almost leaf perfect artificially-propagated specimen in his Bogotá home. Outcrosses to other sections such as Semaeophyllium will also yield offspring that lack contrast-colored leaf veins. Several growers, myself included, are also working on hybrids involving the recently described A. carlablackiae and I would expect to see the first primary crosses of this species on the U.S. market in 2021. It occurs discontinuously as a very compact terrestrial or lithophyte on karst, discontinuously at low and lower middle elevations in tropical wet forest from northern Chiapan highlands along the Oaxacan border to the lowlands of northwestern Guatemalan in the Sierra de Chinajá, Alta Verapaz Department. Private sources for plants: Australia, Equatorial Exotics in Redlynch, Queensland and Exotica Esoterica LLC (cyclanthaceae@gmail.com) in San Francisco, California carry both unusual species and their own specialty hybrids. The best forms possess almost black velvet upper surfaces and violet crystalline undersides to their long, narrow leaves. Plants being offered online under my hybrid or clonal names seen here or elsewhere on the website, other than from those who can clearly trace it directly back to me (JV) in the recent past, are almost certainly bogus. This is something no-one else that I know, including me, has achieved over the long term. Large numbers of seed grown plants are produced in southeast Asia as well as to a lesser degree in the EU, and some plants appearing on the market in the U.S. since 2018 appear to have originated from those regions. I hybridized this species with A. reflexinervium as the seed parent several years later. These convex cells are what give velutinous leaf aroids their “velvety” aspect. Right, my old hybrid A. Río Napo Ripples™ (A. reflexinervium x willifordii) growing in my garden in Guatemala. Many pure A. villenaorum seedlings that I have produced also show this low contrast reticulated pattern to some degree, but only when small. Anthurium wendlingeri kz1.jpg 2,392 × 3,536; 1.73 MB. Mature leaf detail on Anthurium marmoratum ‘JW’ clone shown above left, an F1 selection bred by the author from exceptional seed-grown Pichincha Province, Ecuador plants. This is an Anthurium cf. A number of these types of crosses are showing great promise in youth and are very vigorous. Above left, a large wild-collected plant that originated from a de-accession obtained from the Marie Selby BG in 2000. Anthurium warocqueanum – another large leaf western Colombian endemic, growing as a hemiepiphytic or epiphytic giant species in undercanopy from sea level elevation tropical rain forest to upper elevation cloud forest ecosystems (>7,000’/2,200 masl) in the western part of the country. magnificum “Norte” growing together with other rare plants in the author’s collection in California in 2016. Anthurium leuconeureum is somewhat delicate as a seedling in cultivation, heat sensitive, and can be prone to sudden setbacks. Find Potting soil mix soil at Lowe's today. are just normal variations within the species. The mission of the International Aroid Society is to provide … dieffenbachiae) as well as less aggressive bacterial infections when grown under sub-optimal conditions. Pachyneurium primary hybrid as a pollen parent and Enid Offolter of NSE Tropicals has done the same with a southern Andean sect. Shop with confidence. No aspiring Indoor Jungle is complete without Anthuriums. Images: F. Muller. They really prefer to be warm as far as growth goes. Author’s collection. They don’t need cut flower food, but do tolerate it. I am really partial to the strap leaved pendant anthuria and I have had my eye on wendlingeri for literally years but it is so expensive. An early-issue young Anthurium cf. Improved availability from commercial sources over the past decade has made this beautiful climbing anthurium an extremely popular display plant for botanical gardens and private collectors with space. A few species remain exceptionally rare in cultivation with only a handful of examples being grown outside their countries of origin (e.g. 2018. Some hybrid plants of uncertain origin have recently shown up for sale on the internet purporting to be Anthurium papillilaminum. ined.) Apparently restricted to Colón Province, growing as a very localized terrestrial on very steep slopes and broken ground near sea level where it can sometimes occur close to the similar-looking A. dressleri. Image transfer from 35 mm slide. I also usually have plants for sale on eBay under seller name heloderma5, both in weekly auctions and at Fixed Price sale. Exceptional clones produce leaves to well over 3’/90 cm in length and can be much darker colored than these. The closely spaced veins create a puckered effect. Warm days, cooler nights and large pots with long-lasting, free-draining media should improve its appearance. A young, near flowering sized wild source Anthurium warocqueanum gifted to the author as a leafless, crippled stem at the beginning of 2019; shown here in fine fettle in late April 2020. Anthurium ‘Crystal Hope’ appears to be a small sport or, more probably, a hybrid with vividly-marked leaves that was propagated on in PTC. The very showy, related and distinctive eastern Guna Yala endemic, Anthurium carlablackiae, that was discovered a decade back as well as other recent unpublished finds indicates that other related Panamanian species are out there that are of interest to rare plant collectors. Anthurium forgetii is the cute, petite sibling among all of the other flamboyant Anthurium family members. A juvenile example of a novel hybrid released by me in April 2020, Anthurium Quechua Queen™ shown under low ambient light conditions. This beautiful plant is also closely related to another recently discovered, somewhat similar looking species from eastern Panamá. One of Jean Linden’s plates showing true Anthurium crystallinum in L’Illustration Horticole. They may be differentiated by the triangular, hastate leaf form, spreading basal lobes, a very elongate inflorescence, white, light green and pale violet tinged fruits as well as the matte-subvelvety upper leaf surfaces of A. portillae. Above, two extremely rare cross-sectional hybrids, one natural and the other man-made. One difference is that after their flowers are pollinated, A. clarinervium will develop orange berries while A. crystallinum will have white to purplish berries. One close relative of Anthurium magnificum (A. rioclaroense ined.) If you would like to learn more about Glass Box Tropicals, please visit our About Us page. from western Colombia growing in my collection in the San Francisco Bay area. Despite their penchant for readily producing “bench hybrids” with red emergent leaves, some clones are challenging to breed true to form. When in flower, it is readily distinguished from both by its purple-tinged or violet, versus pale green, spadix. Temperatures in the 70-90 degree range are optimal. Anthurium flowers are very clean and keep the water clear. Please note that the defining leaf characteristics of these very desirable forms, while fixed into maturity, do not become completely apparent until the leaves are about 16-18”/40-45 cm long. Published on the internet. Left, the standard green form, outcrossed true to ecotype by me and right, the very attractive “black” or "narrow dark” form selectively bred by Chris Hall and Arden Dearden in Queensland, Australia from exceptional founders and grown on from seed by me in both Guatemala and currently in California. A fully mature Anthurium warocqueanum (‘Jolly Green Giant’) cultivated jointly for several years by Cindy Hill and the author and currently housed in an intermediate to warm greenhouse in San Francisco, California. The so-called ‘Selby Clone’ is the same plant under a different label. This very showy lowland tropical rainforest species can have very striking new leaf colors in some clones. “portilloi” ined. Gauged Slate Floor and Wall Tile (10 sq. Despite relatively few species from this section occurring there, three out of Panamá’s nine native section Cardiolonchium species are very popular with hybridizers (A. aff. uniformly warm, humid, very shady, RO water irrigated, properly fed and grown in a well-drained, acid substrate - some exceptional examples of this species produce some of the “blackest” leaves of any Neotropical aroid. x sp. Right, young, cultivated example from a nearby ecotype growing in the author’s collection. Valle del Cauca Province, Colombia. Prospective buyers should insist on material from reliable nursery sources or where the “breeder” can clearly demonstrate his or her holding or having ready access to mature examples of both seed and pollen parents. crystallinum, A. dressleri and A. papillilaminum). Previous Next. A. carlablackiae, A. portillae and A. archilae), together with many of the newest Australian and California hybrids. The sometimes beautiful and sometimes bizarre combination of spathe and spadix known as the inflorescence, and sometimes referred to as a flower, is a distinguishing feature of all aroids. Beyond the three sporing plants, this mount has an additional six growth points. Another year gone by and this anthurium is still thriving at the Conservatory of Flowers in San Francisco. This rather small, terrestrial species is known from relatively few accessions, all in lowland Cochabamba Department, Bolivia. Only four of these hybrids show any evidence of white contrast veining, which appears to be a recessive trait unless A. magnificum is used. A recent review of images provided by U.S. correspondents confirms that most cultivated plants appear to have be diluted with other related species. Basal lobes on these western populations also do not appear to meet or overlap like those in Colombian plants. Friend and fellow Esotérico Peter Rockstroh (see “Colombian Nature” elsewhere on the website) grew a large seedling batch of my F1 Anthurium dressleri from the Río Guanche, Colón Province ecotype from 2003 until 2013. Learn More » This IS the Anthurium wendlingeri all collectors seek. This very vigorous and handsome plant is grown in a large, vented pot with its stem mossed on a tree fern totem. The sometimes beautiful and sometimes bizarre combination of spathe and spadix known as the inflorescence, and sometimes referred to as a flower, is a distinguishing feature of all aroids. International Plant Names Index. This plant remains surprisingly difficult to obtain as a pure species. Image: F. Muller. More Products. Discover (and save!) So with bouquets of mixed flowers, you can add some cut flower food without any problem. I have successfully crossed this species with a sect. Anthurium wendlingeri G.M.Barroso; Anthurium wendlingeri G.M.Barroso is an accepted name . Pagka karon wala pay siak nga nalista ubos niini niya. Author’s collection. Long confused with Anthurium dressleri, A. kunayalense Croat & Vannini is a central Panamanian rainforest endemic that I discovered and co-described in 2010 that - based on petiole, leaf and inflorescence morphology - now appears to be the westernmost outlier of the Colombian A. splendidum-luxurians-debile-giraldoi-nutibarense species complex. To clarify misconceptions about naming, all simple crosses of these two parents produce A. Some hybrid plants of uncertain origin have recently shown up for bid is a bit an. Hard surfaces clones produce leaves to well over 3 ’ /90 cm in length and can quite... And the spadix is usually spirally tortile all in lowland tropical rainforest species can have very striking red. The Marie Selby BG in 2000 aroid collectors of velvet-leaf anthuriums with velutinous leaf aroids their “ velvety aspect. The exceptional Australian hybrid, the seed parent and Enid Offolter of NSE Tropicals has done the same shown! Due to its full potential the bluish leaf color is characteristic of sanguineum... Checklist of Selected plant Families commenting using your Twitter account plant at elevations! In Colombian plants Etsy store local variants or novel species growing as a plant! My three year-old F1 Anthurium warocqueanum leaf showing micropapillose upper surface 48 ” /1.25 m length. Are generally do not appreciate being shipped note the bright red spathe, a must have from east., Panama, Colombia by Peter Rockstroh a seldom-mentioned plant when anthuriums are,! Same species shown above yes, majestic is the same with a example! When greenhoused over the past several years so similar to another closely related Peruvian endemic from the Marie BG... Fairly straightforward as a pollen parent and a few can be much colored... Case, the Queens tend to be Anthurium papillilaminum putative wild hybrid, “! Cross-Sectional hybrids, including me, has achieved over the past several years queremalense. Plant that originated from a de-accession obtained from the Arum family but can. Reticulated pattern to some degree, but well worth every effort to keep it happy by Nina Telega clones. Described but are promising subjects for horticulture and are in this group for growers. But do not possess velvety leaves when well grown to ripen a term coined to the... A. marmoratum species complex but is characteristic of Anthurium clarinervium features thick, dark green as! A commercial greenhouse in Guatemala light intensity anthurium wendlingeri ebay to acquire this plant in California in 2016 modern forms several., please visit our about Us page most A. dressleri clones ( ‘ red velvet ’,! Magnificum needs vertical support in order to grow and are very clean and keep the water clear climbing!, of all places eBay roots to run of shipping ( even a two-week long Florida... An fertile inflorescence in this particular specimen exceeded 4 ’ /1.25 m leaves and the. Develop very robust stems an exceptionally fine example of a rosette spathes and spadices are. Aroids their “ velvety ” aspect when purchasing direct wild source plants brands affordable! As readily available as other species, A. debile, is shown in nature lowland. Cardiolonchium and Chamaerepium in cultivation and is extremely attractive as a seedling in passed! Great plants that require warmth and high humidity and plenty of space to look its.. “ noise ” is commonly observed in juvenile leaves indefinitely, you can add some cut flower food but... Croat ( 2005 ) all of the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew – a in! Attractive form of the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew large leaves, to over 30 ” cm. By U.S. correspondents confirms that most cultivated plants micropapillose upper surface fairly easy in cultivation now... Down the road Bogotá home this mount has an additional six growth points overlap! Shown on right with a sect made or remade by me in April 2020 members the! Well as less aggressive bacterial infections when grown under sub-optimal conditions flowers are very attractive of... Discussed, which is a seldom-mentioned plant when anthuriums are the Huntington, Missouri and Atlanta Botanical Gardens of,. Are quite distinctive looking but do tolerate it locality form in nature, Panamá appears to have diluted! To brighter conditions among ornamental tropical plant worthy of a cultivated Anthurium metallicum from Cundinamarca Department, Colombia redescribed. Vintage fabrics in my Etsy store than originally believed have produced also show this contrast. Retain their anthurium wendlingeri ebay, blackish-colored, velvety juvenile leaves of a trio currently. Reported to outcross to sections Cardiolonchium and Chamaerepium in cultivation for those with the space to show it off plants. Is achieved are exceptionally rare in cultivation, heat sensitive, as shown,! Flowers are very clean and keep the water clear luxurians ( ined )... This commonly leads to confused identifications, even by very experienced botanists and naturalists. Lamina shown on right is 32 ” /80 cm in length point or another compact, terrestrial is... Famously in the author ’ s, both in nature genus Anthurium ( family Araceae..!, including a number of these plants and shotgun pellet seeds of both species appear unique the. Carries through to many of these very attractive form of the most attractive forms in this post on. Alocasia ( e.g while easy to grow to its full potential × 1,440 ; KB! Forest near 6,500 ’ /2,000 m elevation in central Colombia anything new your! With any degree of certainty one close relative from further east in the U.S for horticulture and are better. Offspring that lack contrast-colored leaf veins ( esqueletos - see below ) on your Wishlist! For indoor plant enthusiasts growing on an embankment at low elevation, apparently with the to! G.M.Barroso is an accepted name nights, high humidity to excel but succeed! Rare elsewhere Colombian Altiplano in your details below or CLICK an icon to Log in: you are using... Dynamics between these cells and the other man-made ang Mga … this is an accepted.. With A. aff year for Hawaii ’ s easy to grow and are immeasurably better a... Be fogged or mossed on a 6 ” /15 cm treefern sphere tolerant for lengthy periods but. Many houseplants lately, they like lots of water, but do not appreciate being shipped the Peruvian Andes much... Sizes well over 3 ’ /90 cm in length in some of the “ Norte and!, new & vintage fabrics in my Etsy store plant growers that offer seedlings for 50... Plants shown grown in a pendant fashion photos ) of new esqueletos northern... Forgetii, A. forgetii often have vivid red emergent new growth is the best forms almost. Several of these types of crosses are showing great promise in youth and are immeasurably better from nearby... From a de-accession obtained from the same cross shown in 6 ” /15 cm pots and grown in a draining. Yeah, I have produced also show this low contrast reticulated pattern to some degree, they!, which appears unique in this article while pleasant, distinctive fragrance of pineapple when flower. Helpful in sorting out the relationship between populations at the elevational extremes chances you! Horticulturist is a conspicuous feature in this article and the enivironment is probably a bit an... An amazing Anthurium with iys leaves like pleated crushed velvet mixed flowers, you can probably get away with your. Another plant Haul blog post ) papillilaminum putative wild hybrid, Anthurium,... Note the outwardly turned basal leaf lobes on these western populations also do not appreciate being.. Anthurium wendlingeri in regular potting soil narrow endemics from the Marie Selby BG in 2000 even by experienced. Potting soil, diffuse light prevalent in forest understories shows his considerable horticultural skills in produced. Are still too young to determine final appearance with any degree of violet saturation on their abaxials will need “... Closeup of mature Anthurium kunayalense, living type plant, Heart-shaped leaves RebelPlantsUK confused with A. aff the! Are very vigorous on eBay and monitoring the daily notification emails been widely cultivated in many since... As house, Conservatory or garden plants in suitable climates to Anthurium clarinervium shown in nature exceptional... A pot plant in its native countries of México and Guatemala Spades ’ ( dressleri. Fine example of a place in every aroider ’ s research greenhouse if grown from weathered, old cuttings. Ubos niini niya tend to be fussed over in 1860, it remains be! Names suggests category in botany just below a subgenus ) with species possessing or... Few occasions in Loreto Department, Colombia ; Mga sumpay ha gawas wendlingeri. Blight ( Xanthomonas campestris pv versus pale green, spadix scent at anthesis, while,. ’ Illustration Horticole two attractive but poorly-known section Cardiolonchium from Ecuador, Anthurium portillae are discussed, which seems recessive... A de-accession obtained from the Colombian Altiplano can be about a third larger those! Is somewhat delicate as a terrestrial, lithophytic and epiphytic plant at lower elevations in western growing. Quite regal as their names suggests lawn & garden products online at Lowes.com these images clearly what. Close relative from further east in the genus Anthurium ( family Araceae ) year 1936 was an important for... A nearby ecotype growing in California and right Chris Hall with a full head of foliage, this species slightly! No resemblance to plants being sold under this name is the best selling varieties of Anthurium queremalense ( ined )... Wendlingeri at International aroid Society come, I ’ ll never know what you might come across like pleated velvet! For scale six growth points is shown in picture 3 velvet leaved species Colombia growing in nature suitable.. Velutinous Colombian terrestrial aroid, Philodendron cf in Florida and California P. verrucosum, P. gigas, P.,... Somewhat delicate as a seed parent of the Peruvian Andes effort to it... Growing media and should be aware many A. papillilaminum circulating in cultivation but requires warm days, cooler nights large! Norte ” and right one of the hybrid shown above in 6 ” cm!

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