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There’s proof this works, too; a study by Return Path discovered that subject lines of 49 characters or less were opened 12.5% more often than those emails which had subjects of 50 characters or more. But to truly maximize the potential of your emails, you’ll need to do a little experimenting and testing with your subject lines. With these ideas and tools like Copper, you can encourage more clicks from eager customers in no time. Then, you can follow it up with a compliment (“Really, John?” I can’t believe more people aren’t sharing your awesome article…”). Something like- Terrence, We fix podcast discovery. Sending a generic pitch will not be appealing to a journalist, it must be targeted. Just kidding. Because having all these ideas available doesn’t mean much if you don’t actually use them. “That’s how publicists pitch, so I assume, at first glance, that it’s a PR pitch and am less quick to open.” Ortiz suggested adding “from a freelancer” or some other quick note to your subject line. If you continue without changing your settings, you are agreeing to receive all cookies on the Copper website. Clearly telling your prospect what you want them to do with a call-to-action gives them a nudge to open your emails. Filed Under: PR tips Tagged With: email subject line, media pitch, PR Tips, write great email subject lines, Catriona Pollard Communications Pty Ltd | ABN 83 105 345 908 | Copyright © 2021, all rights reserved Any of the subject lines above can be adapted and adjusted to fit your business’ tone and product. Download this free ebook. Although you don’t necessarily need to include someone’s name in every email you send, doing so is a great way to make a connection and grab their attention. Try including a description of your startup's product in 80 characters or less with no jargon or b.s. Just kidding. How you do that is up to you! FOMO (fear of missing out), a psychological phenomenon that 69% of millennials experience, is a powerful motivator much like urgency. Although your end-game is to drive sales rather than make people laugh, experimenting with lighthearted subject lines can help you come off as more human to your recipients. Believe I’m not alone there. Subject Line. Huge sale? Subject Line #3: We have [Insert Common Fact] in common. Questions provoke answers. Ever find yourself writing emails to clients or investors, to possible business partners or, why not, to the pretty girl you met at that party, but never getting an answer back from any of them? This punchy subject line is a great way to highlight a client success story or what your typical customer saves on average thanks to your product. [NAME], I’m disappointed. You want yoursubject line to show this relevance, as this lets the journalists know that youare not wasting their time. Examples of great email pitch subject lines. This subject line builds on a relationship that hasn’t even begun yet. Pay attention to me. Think about it. Let’s face it: nobody likes receiving emails from someone to remind them of what they should or could be doing. When you encounter sales objections, your prospect is essentially telling you how to sell to them—be ready with these smart responses to close the deal. Neutral Bay NSW 2089 | P:0411 023 974 | Contact Us. Improve the open rates of your pitches with these four tips: Be specific and concise. Here are some tips to creating an attention grabbing pitch subject line. Whether you prefer the slow approach or go straight for the hard pitch, we’ve got four cold email templates to help you get started. can still follow up with a phone call. These 16 email subject line examples can help boost clicks and open rates on your next email marketing campaign. Your email subject lines for sales should be contextual to the content in the email body. You got the email open benchmark, and the above email subject line formulas and examples will no doubt help you to improve your open rates. One of our central focuses in my course LBU Live: Secrets to Wholesale Success class is the art of the pitch: knowing which shops to approach, understanding what they expect from you, and learning strategies for making your pitches more effective. Use your subject line to tell them that your pitch saves their time while communicating your pitch in an engaging, informative way. Do your research Does it make sense to bounce between bookmarked sites featuring your favorite subject lines? The subject line of a collaboration email is like the first impression and thus it has to be the best extract of your email body as well as catchy enough to do half of the convincing work. The coveted subject line is becoming more and more important—76% of writers open an email based on the subject line. Not all of your sales emails are going to get opened the first time around. Creativity is critical to keeping your emails in the inbox where they belong. Start your 14-day free trial today. This subject line manages to compliment your reader while also letting them know you’ve done your homework on them. Learn how to close your sales pitch by giving a simple call to action, harnessing the power of the P.S., and prepping for follow-ups. Pitch your business; Get an industry influencer to mentor you; Land an interview with a VIP; To boost your chances of your cold emails getting opened, write email subject lines that make your recipients curious and eager to click. You might follow this subject line up with a case study in the body copy, showing how your company was responsible for that increase in profit. CP Communications is a Sydney Public Relations Agency who are experts in media relations and personal branding, and are known for getting amazing results. Although it takes time to find information on your prospect and include that in your sales pitch email (especially if you’re not using a CRM), just imagine the results you could drive if you doubled your current open rate. Your subject line should be something that stands out from all the other stuff that fills up people’s inboxes. To create an attention grabbing subject line, read the journalist’s articles and check out their social media channels to see if there are any buzzwords or topical information and utilise these in the subject line. Great subject lines are consise and descriptive and give reporters a preview of what’s inside. What subject lines have you used for your outreach emails? Traditionally, professional and sales-related emails tend to have longer subject lines, while personal emails to friends and colleagues tend to be short and more conversational. Anything you can do to butter up your reader is a plus. Here’s a deep dive into six real-world subject lines and why they work. A Great Subject Line Gets Your Emails Opened In order for your pitch emails to successfully lead to a story about your business, they need to be opened and read. This subject line example isn’t from a typical sales pitch email, but Sumo is still looking for their audience to do something: Enter a contest. 28. Here’s what I really love about it: Acknowledgement of the $500 reward is clearly mentioned at the beginning of the subject line, which piques interest and shows I’ll get something in return. The goal here is to get your recipient’s attention, not annoy them. By keeping your subject lines short, you have the best chance to grab that majority of readers who see your subject line on their mobile devices: Of course, it’s about more than mobile. PR: title of the story. 22 killer email subject line examples for each sales type. Want to increase your email open rates? Most email marketing experts and brands recommend keeping subject lines to 50 characters or less (around 5-10 words). How can you make an email pitch less cold—when you barely know someone? Urgency and scarcity are two of the most popular triggers for encouraging readers to take action. Rather try to be genuinely helpful by giving a resource. Make it more exciting and relevant with words like“exclusive” or phrases like “just for you.” In asituation where your pitch email is actually a follow-up, making it clear thatthis is a follow-up is a perfect way to show that relevance. According to statistics from "Convince & Convert," the analysis and advisory firm, 35% of cold email recipients open or don't open sales pitch emails based on the email subject line. It’s a win-win as you’re able to write more messages without having to rack your brain trying to craft the perfect subject line. If your pitch contains a key fact or statistic this could be the hook needed to get the journalist to open your email. This open-ended subject line can go in a ton of different directions to drive clicks. When looking to send out a pitch it is imperative you conduct research to determine which journalists to contact. Learn how to generate more leads and revenue right from your inbox. In fact, two-thirds of journalists decide whether to open an email or not based on the subject line alone. This is why you need to spend time crafting the perfect subject line. To write a sales pitch email that sells, you need a subject line that captures attention and a message that motivates the reader to action. Traditionally, professional and sales-related emails tend to have longer subject lines, while personal emails to friends and colleagues tend to be short and more conversational. I know a sales team that’s killing it with this technique. Mess it up and your email goes straight to their trash folder. 31. These are a few tips to helping create a subject line that will cut through the noise and get the attention of a journalist. 1. Compliments are a great way to win clicks. This classic sales email subject line will kick off this list because of how simple and successful it is.

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