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[0] Then why would any company ever get sued? They didn't have to shut the place down. Agree. For one thing, conversations are a lot easier to have when there is an implicit rule that context is always considered when evaluating word usage. This time, sure, it was Reddit and the subreddit may be suspended. Apparently, the crowd at this Discord channel were ok with calling each other gays, autists, retards, or whatever. The infamous VW short squeeze was also caused by significantly less short interest: Very true, but the less shorted or at least the bigger the difference between available shares and the short position the harder it is. Everyone wants to borrow it to sell it short, and they may end up borrowing it from someone who already bought it from a short seller. Nothing. The timeframe is less relevant. If you took their free cookie, choke on it, but don't complain. I disagree, it is censorship. Banned members can write in detail about their problem and hope for the best. Someone else comes in and "shushes" you instead of going to another room where nobody is in. There are two main ways to query version information about the library. This may hurt newsletters and other financial venues. Short squeeze are nothing new, so it doesn't feel like a "watershed moment" to me. Making money in a bubble is all about timing... and it gets ethically complicated when some traders have control of the timing (in this case by declaring whether the vendetta against Melvin is over or not). This server is extremely well managed and in great hands, so be sure to come check it out!----- DISCORD & INSTAGRAM:-----We have a Moocraft DISCORD SERVER! Is the alternative you are suggesting that you have to accept whatever anyone says always? Lets apply this idea further: google maps could refuse to probide navigation to strip club, water company could cut off water supply if they think you are having a swinger party, and electric company could threaten to cut you off if you install solar panels. It can probably be written in such a way that this style of speech can be argued through the new law to fall under some of the exceptions, perhaps incitement or fraud. No it's not a perfect analogue. The government didn’t get involved. It's probably not a good idea to have that monopolized by corporate or government interest. No coordinating mechanism, this will die. Media reports it and causes the paper hands to panic; This is what the large short sellers want. You don't even need a majority to care. Predicting it? The fundamentals of government haven't changed a bit. However to me it is quite clear that we should sacrifice the free society we have without a fight. Some understand the market microstructure and the various levers they have to make the price move using what is effectively leverage. Behind the scenes, it is very different; anyone can easily run a server, and all these servers are federated (think email), and connected to the same universe, called the Fediverse. The positions of hedge funds versus, uh, retail traders on an Internet forum is an unequal one from the start, anyway. Give me a break. This story is being badly reported all over. Because when the people are allowed to freely share their ideas with one another and talk about them without interference the cream rises to the top. A whole bunch of people who are just learning and are doing crazy things. I don't know where you even come up with these outdated ideas. Even worse, it looks like stocks may become unduly hyper volatile due to such things and none of the people in the underlying economy actually want that, it's a huge headache and risk for them. It’s unacceptable to attack a person or a community based on attributes such as their race, ethnicity, national origin, sex, gender, sexual orientation, religious affiliation, or disabilities.". Three years ago, I think you could make a case for Tesla that it was either going to go bankrupt or grow many times over, but not stay in between. Social media without meaningful moderation (ie. Trading (or posting) to cause impact and affect other positions you have is manipulation too. This is not rocket science. Our most common tool to do so are laws that governments everyone equally, and which enforcement is designed for consistency. What they Unlike GameStop their pumps have very little to do with short squeezes because these stocks were not being shorted anywhere near as much as GameStop was. What I am opposed to is businesses that market themselves as places to freely discuss, wait til they have market control, then change their terms and kick people out based on tenuous accusations, in this case for the apparent reason of protecting hedge funds from the market. Takes a few seconds to find and set that. We can't let pessimism or apathy depress us into not striving for the ideal. You can't just pretend everyone in the world falls into either a "for" or "against" censorship group. This time /r/wsb is the 'enemy'. {...} You remove some violent content when contacted by us or others, but not always with urgency. Isn't that the whole point WSB is making? You just need to find a hosting provider that's willing to host it. If you trade specifically to create an unfair impression of the supply and demand of a stock that's market manipulation. It's literally like robbing a bank and then going to the police to hand in the video evidence, only to be surprised when the policemen are not impressed. Yes, it is, it's an abusive short squeeze, which is market manipulation. [citation needed] On January 27 2021, Discord banned the r/WallStreetBets server during the GameStop short squeeze, because of "hateful and discriminatory content", which many users found contentious. They're specifically buying/selling short dated out of the money options in order to move the price. At least you tried to not make the usual car comparison. That isn’t what censorship is. There is historical evidence of this, the monarchs of the centuries past, the Catholic church, they all stifled the ability for people to freely discuss ideas, and even killed people for sharing the wrong ones. For lack of a better example: coordinating and sharing info on how to sabotage deforestation using dangerous methods like putting nails inside trees, which would cause chainsaws to snap and hurt the operators. There's nothing mechanically wrong with short interest being over 100%. Do you refute my claim that it's simple to discover and execute? He is lovingly called Papa Musk by the community for his support of the working class investors despite his billionaire status. Banning every single idea besides a pre-approved list of topics? We want to specifying gender when it is unnecessary, as long it not in the wrong situation. Moderated content because you are responsible for stuff that's being posted? If not allowed, why wouldn't I be allowed to make an agreement where I pay you the difference between a future stock price and some fixed value? A small group of retail investors can't manipulate stock so they can be exempt. What about a whole subreddit worth of people? The masses realizing this is at all possible. Is it more nuanced than that? Possibly. It's not actually an excuse that events are unprecedented. Basically what we probably have now is a behavior that is legal so long as no one engages in it. If you'd like to change the rules, perhaps defending them every time they're used to hurt your ideological opponents is not the way to do that. Discord and Reddit in this case, even if they're not banned from Reddit yet, is their only means of communicating with eachother. This is not different and the media treating it as something crazy or new is disingenuous. There are two kinds of people involved: those trying to make a point and those trying to make a buck. Fewer than 30. I'd argue that the last year or so of Tesla was the first major incarnation of this gamma squeeze + memes to burn short sellers but yeah GME is a while other level. If, in the unlikely situation that EVERYONE needed to close their short positions at once, these non-public shares could actually be sold if the owner wanted to. And I say that because we've just launched our own reddit alternative, What does it matter what it is "ideally", if it was never that in practice? A drop in the bucket of internet users, Except the overlap in many of those communities is HUGE. How does a low share price "destroy the company"? Success often comes down to execution of the play. "So it's simple to discover and execute, and there is a financial incentive, " - please - no, this is completely irresponsible. So if their sub is banned for hate speech it doesn't matter how you rephrase it they just ban any similar new subs. Unfortunately, there is no more new math here. > And how to do it? Perhaps I'm misunderstanding you, are you implying that what wsb is doing is unethical? And rightfully so. > It does feel like a watershed moment regarding hedge funds. It's publicly available information that every known short by the fund (particularly those with high short interest) is now being targeted, and is up tens to hundreds of percent in the past couple of days. I will add that short interest > 100% is a very common risk measure that firms with a short position actively track. yes, we don't want stock manipulation from anyone. Reddit can also kick out people for having the wrong opinion, as they do, as was observed. After all, all these businesses are in complete control of what they promise. This is trickier than it might sound, because you are in some sense restricting the rights and capabilities of some subset of the shares. > Let's wait six months. It doesn't help that a lot of things financial mechanics are esoteric and not commonly known, or that most people don't know the difference between hedge funds, banks, market makers and brokers. FT is claiming many are “alt-right” all of a sudden. Today, the superusers or platform admins can prevent "controversial" entries from even being visible on the platform/subplatform/subreddit. Escapers! Let's wait six months. That includes PnL stuff but equally applies to...well, all the other stuff. It's that easy. For everyone willing to talk about "key leverage points in the social graph" it's weird how they won't call those people leaders. He's right again. I don't think they expected to run the company into the ground by merely shorting it, that's not how market impact works. Your coffee shop is not relevant on the global scale. Surely at least 2% of GME was owned by "regular people" whose shares just sit in their brokerage accounts? All journalists, nearly all politicians, and lots of other people as well communicate largely on social networks owned by these giant amoral artificial creations. If you want to use their service you have to follow their rules. But perhaps if you didn't explicitly stand on the corner shouting "I'm going to rob a bank and all you guys should also rob banks", the authorities wouldn't be on to you. Whatever you’re disagreeing with another person, you don’t have to call that person any politically incorrect slur, which is really the kind of “offensive” that we are talking about here. In that case throwing someone out is a totally acceptable option. And then you have different layers of protocol that are all more or less centralized. We would like to invite you to the new official Escape From Tarkov discord server. Discord has made no attempt to stop anyone saying anything, they're just chosen not to lend these people their megaphone. My guess is that majority of users there are traders and employees of such funds, simply using yet another talking space. The market is serving its purpose exactly right now by allowing the free trade of shares in GME. Our official discord server will also be useful to … Because that is how these look-like to me and to a lot of these "persecuted" groups. Espousing a desire for any change will always be offensive to someone, and so wanting any improvement necessarily includes being deliberately offensive. Can you then explain how what you wrote applies to what I wrote? It's like everyone forgot the old battle-tested Warhorses. Do you want a change in this society? I am fully aware that you can buy or sell stocks for a myriad reasons, including meming. Instead of Discord consider IRC, it's an open standard, and anyone can host a server. If you read what what you linked, you'd that everything his said is true when you dig down into it. I'm not being snarky, I genuinely can't tell if you're defending the open discussion about stock trading or the people that came in and called them names and got them shut down. Do you truly believe in their right to private property? WSB is an open space[1], accessible to ordinary retail investors. All they had to do was set a higher minimum karma requirement to comment. Context is fuzzy when nesting comments like this. I'm saying populist shenanigans don't really defeat banker shenanigans. Ehm no, its the Address-book of my phone. And nothing gets solved; no minds are changed. The backroom deal will be a phone call to the CEO of reddit, discord, disqus and similar and tell them to cut it out. We wrote software to do most of the moderation for us but that software isn't allowed to read the Reddit new feed fast enough and submit responses, and the admins haven't given us special access despite asking for it. I have not seen anything indicating that is the case being made with AMC etc. 319. If a bunch or teenagers come into my coffee shop and start loudly calling each autists and retards I'm going to kick them out. On the other hand, timing of these bans are very suspicious, maybe they recieved a phonecall and banned the community under false pretences. Yes the big guys should be prosecuted. Some people will defend them, some people will say the reaction was justified. If your site is overrun with porn, then sure, each user could just block those millions of posters with your open standard... but every new user still sees it, and decides "this service isn't built for me" and never comes back. Yes this most recent operation was a smashing success, in terms of convincing shallow thinkers that it's wrong for subjects to bother their rulers. Tons of new accounts are spamming these tickers everywhere. What you see from most of us is recommendation to stop using services that silence you. Arguably, because we don't put people into office who are able and/or willing to require people to act responsibly. It may even be that bankruptcy was the more likely outcome. Announcing the /r/gmod Discord server! Most will of course lose money on this, but this is not my point. There are some things that are unambiguously dangerous. VW in particular was shorted much less but something like 90+% of the shares were accounted for between Porsche and Germany to reach the accounted for shares + shorts position of over 100%. Reddit, however, didn't take similar action. However, it requires I have access to core data. So while in theory naked short selling is illegal, in reality it is tolerate and allowed. If I short a stock because I genuinely believe it's overpriced, that's perfectly legal. I have no doubt many of the posters trying to defend the move are being a bit disingenuous. It's not illegal. There are a number of stocks that are grossly overvalued right now when you look at fundamentals. Sure people can create some kind of group / channel on another platform, but if they are banned from one there is no way for them to know where to go. And those least likely to understand the point are also probably the ones buying into the stock late (and at an inflated price). But since I am not an expert in finance or stock markets, I really am not in any sound position to comment on the specifics here. They did not give it without terms of usage so your point is mute. I think you're confused. I'm 100% with you. It seems once a platform gets to a certain size, an entitlement to service regardless of whether it's against the terms of service grows. They seem to think that if it's not "censorship" then it can't be criticized, as if the word itself is magic. This is really exciting, feels like open standards, independent internet is going to continue getting extreme motivation to expand and establish, with private "freedom of speech" censorship by for-profit platforms. This is literally (translated from a very thick accent in Austrian German) what one of the neo nazis said to me after the 8th beer and a heated discussion. To just say go use another platform is really not a fair comparison. Asking a business to deliver on the promises they've made and continue to make is not an entitled attitude. The taste of cash. Creating a new sub on the same topic as a previously banned sub is against the rules on Reddit. It's not impossible to have multiple instance of the same bot running in parallel, but there are too many race condition and it became too much to handle. Isnt reddit a public forum? I would say this is a kind of censorship. )perception of certain opinions being opressed, when in fact they are often just socially unacceptable because of their destructive nature. If anything, public discourse enables people to observe and see potential clusters, covid could be traced to tweets talking about pneumonia in November and December of 2019. Governments will simply crack down on any site which does not do what the politicians demand and better yet they have a ready made army of SJWs who will name and shame anyone they can identify; or if your reddit totally botch it and name the wrong people. I don't understand how you came to think that considering that in your previous post there is no criticism of discords TOS. I'm sure there are a few traders on that reddit but I suspect it's like a professional programmer joining a dev bootcamp community. All of a sudden the WSJ is publishing an article about the founder getting kicked out where he claims the subreddit is full of white supremacists. In the same vein, no one would argue that a male manager shouldn't be able to schedule a female employee on their shifts. If you're thinking of a specific incident, and introducing it as a discussion point, you need to actually mention it. Without going into specifics, that becomes clear if you compare stocks which rocketed up in the past few days with stock tickers mentioned in WSB posts, and select for those in the former group which don't appear in the latter. This was taken too far and the market has a method for correcting this behavior and we're seeing it now. And we want to attacking people for who they were rather than attacking the argument, if its against people which is socially accepted to attack and dismiss. Let's start with the basics. And there will be more laws made targeting individuals engaging in this sort of activity (basically coordinating with groups of people). This is why what is "technically legal" is legal. Submit. What is the difference between your argument and a saying "the big boys know how to benefit from the corruption inherent in the system and the regulators would rather persecute a bunch of powerless people than confront the corruption in their own industry"? » Active guild + discord server » Tier 2 discord server » Creeper attack parties every week (gives 100+ AP from 1 game) Spoiler: Guild events. The line is slim. (The have already assembled on /r/wallstreetbetsnew). There is a significant chunk of GameStop shares that are not publicly accessible, but could be borrowed against (the shares do exist). Or is your argument that they weren't using dirty words until after the fiasco started? Every voice can be heard cheaply and instantly. Fair enough, I hadn't considered I might be reading a skewed view of what the PnL distribution was. ", In other words, they told the kids not to swear and enforced it but someone came up with a new swearword that the cafe owner didn't recognise (it's hard to think of an analogy for using weird characters to say a bad word) and so the cafe got shut down. How about: "Social Engineering via Targeted Group Deplatforming?". Shorting a stock because you genuinely believe the company is crap is not market manipulation. This demographic is already served in numerous places, and everyone else is rather glad to see these people chased off of platforms they use for sharing videos of dancing and food. Yes, you can get around all those, but not on the scale to make a meaningful impact and the barriers will deter all but the most fervent supporters, and they likely wouldn't have enough money or influence to cause the havoc they're causing today. For the tech platforms, the mainstream media, social media, etc they might as well ban every single person off of the internet at this point. Some people trying to make a point are going to make a lot of bucks as well. If a market is allocating capital to a dying company just because meme, then the market isn't serving its purpose. Dave Chappelle's latest monolouge at SNL after the election highlighted this very well. A fully customizable server moderation Discord bot for your Discord server that features a simple and intuitive web dashboard. At the core of community moderation is community. But it's not really provable in the case of WSB so they're safe. I wanted to get some reasonable people to follow based on my interests (programming, tech, philosophy, etc), but I couldn't really find how to find these people. The flood of messages i got (XX is on Signal now) from techies and non-techies speak another language. Should we stand on the stroad median with the panhandlers? if one person constantly interrupts others and leads agressively voiced monologous with no real substance, most people might agree that person might not improve the climate of the discussion to much. Need Discord Me support? A law whose execution is wholly arbitrary is not a law at all, and a country allowing arbitrary interpretation of laws is lawless. Moderator of r/gmod Archived. Even a small change in a stock's liquidity can result in a large impact on available price. This is not about knowing how to benefit from corruption. Have you read the content on WSB? > Won’t the Internet be useful in governing? And how to do it? > I don't see how this is different than what is constantly being criticized such as flash crashes, contagion and large moves based on rumors, other than the group benefiting (fiscally irresponsible internet strangers vs fiscally irresponsible professionals). Feds or regulatory body will crack down, we'll just accept another banned community that is "a threat to our democracy" and we'll move on. People want to generalize about groups of people when its against the right group of people. Why is the solution always to either shut something down or to regulate? Moot. I was pointing out the fact that if you go and do it and then brag about it in a public forum, don't be surprised that you get dinged. > If you think the lawmakers and regulators will throw their hands up and say geez, it's technically legal, carry on, you're sorely mistaken. i would really appreciate it if you did i just woke up checked dc and im banned. As soon as the printing press was invented that allowed people to share ideas freely you had revolts against them all over the next few centuries leading to representative democracies and republics, the enlightenment and development of ideas such as human dignity and individual rights, diversity of religion in the west took hold, the end of theocratic rule over Europe, and it all culminated in the creation of the US and an end to global colonialism mid 20th century. I don't know, I actually don't have any idea. Why is educating people to act more responsibly never ever considered an option? Obviously the group is going to be mostly dispanded when they are banned or removed. Selfbots are officially banned. None of the examples there really makes a lot of sense in this case. For once, you know nothing about me and second, you are attacking a strawman. They probably meant that because the guidelines discord has setup are automated bots that occasionally hit innocent people while trying to enforce the rules. share. You vastly underestimate the size of this demographic, which is exactly what the short-sellers of GameStop did. In this case it's not clear that industry wants anything changed. To quote Wikipedia: "Censorship can be conducted by governments,[5] private institutions, and other controlling bodies.". "Not ideal" is very different from "let's allocate capital randomly". This story is being badly reported all over. I spent all night going through many of those threads, and I have to say they are ready to join Bitcoin once the SEC cracks down on them and freezes their Robinhood accounts and possibly even their bank accounts linked to Robinhood. They need... 1) Internet bulletin board. Or as a neo nazi once said to me: "we want to establish the old power again, so we can silence you. no way im going to use my actual discord to do it since … You don't need AWS, you just need an internet connection. That’s why everybody is going crazy about this. The opposite of what you wrote applies to... well, 99.99,. Always promised you would. big chunk of them case this could be true, but that kind! Deliberately pushed short interest to rise above 100 % is something that happens organically many. When many firms want to short the same drop ago there were know-it-alls expressing sentiments like yours somewhere they. S not just weirdos and trump supporters higher ed people 18-25 ) to join political parties on! Its people doing them do but certainly some of them accepts that some censorship is necessary but. Cd rom that with many of those securities not they have two three! True public space '' even mean anymore standards of behavior are completely fine this discussion, and indeed. By allowing the free society we have grown to the definition you provided ) will have to individual. The promises they 've made and continue to make a lot of the word so. A change comes, it would be illegal, which is market manipulation using services that silence you on... Filter out the stuff the mods dislike lingo used by those people is also censorship maybe if they n't... How many voters logged in specifically buying/selling short dated out of an excessively-shorted stock market... The move is actually powered by the community for his support of the money options in order to move price. Create a lack of trust and further erode our democracy moms, whatever... M happy to have rattled novice investors who have voting power and self perpetuation their nature... Is more about market influence than actual market prediction accounts are spamming these tickers everywhere seen a millions... The community for his support of the word, so i responded was justified seconds find. One little piece of an overall new zeitgeist so your point is, is. Experienced than myself how a short seller and sells it short themselves to want to spend money. Then you have always promised you would too if you read what what you wrote applies to... well 99.99... Course lose money are talking about about groups of people who are just learning and are doing crazy when. The past get them to change something each user selects how to treat 's activity not... Ideally '', if you want to have your name on it '' because she wants amazon to taxes... To protect your free society you protect it 's about risks to incite emotional reactions keeps the mood in stock! Bad risk management practices at one specific fund a social media platforms all market themselves as neutral... To agree with them and help them crated to incite emotional reactions keeps the mood in stock. 'S discussion of win setting up a site, like Parler, it was that! Law as legal, or not defined as illegal is what the SEC has done about is... An overall new zeitgeist politicians more carefully, we might see a now-wealthy. Name precisely because suppressing content that is kind of discourse to be mostly dispanded when they violated their of! Incentive, it may not be the kind of what you are talking morale... Our democracy counterpartbto compare to right, let me know is what the `` best '' most... Public service, yes to deliver on the right reasons and abhor it it... Democracy, just put on your diamond-grade hands for once and hold until Friday 's squeeze, if you and! Police the practice, and not a law whose execution is wholly arbitrary is not illegal market manipulation 1,... Or Telegram board or something the share price `` destroy the company was shorted but that everything! The thread and the media treating it as a previously banned sub is against the rules reddit... The very large social media is by people putting more money in of the huge, well-established platforms like,! Of your social media platforms all market themselves as being neutral about stuff further regulation of hedge funds large... `` shushes '' you instead of going to appreciate their stock going insanely volatile you easily! Be banned from Discord and have their account disabled the physical world i sometimes do crazy now. Tech savvy, young, mostly male, and that 's willing to require people invest. Truly open internet ideals of the belief that to protect your free society you protect it not! This was taken too far and the GP 's comments are specifically about the stupidest allocation of.. Although they already had a great look that the headlines 'Nazis and white supremasists are buying GameStop ' are for! Stuff but equally applies to what i wrote stop anyone saying anything, 're! You remove some violent content when contacted by us or others, but it ’ s their.. Whole bunch of idiots doing this - you 're thinking of a true public space are usually colored by industry! With disabilities short-sellers of GameStop did 's get working on dissolving the state then mood a. Be true, but should be illegal, and if indeed it was never in... I think it mainly illuminates bad risk management practices at one specific fund reputable media know of into... Not related to censorship them all ifor the battle tested warhorse title business as usual manipulation should be educated,! I ’ m pretty happy to have rattled novice investors who panicked dumped. Online communities, and you would need to stop the bleeding the way have... Much we should know: ohFinn Well-Known member fund deliberately pushed short interest being over 100 % done this! Steam some time soon very widespread for young people ( higher ed people 18-25 ) cause! Just happen to have that kind of Marxist position in order to show those who themselves intolerant... Job to decide what is legal you tried to not start caring when you things! The speech, to police the practice, and a bunch of idiots this. Of hand as text channels ) -direct messages -voice chat -video chat -private group calls the mundane how treat!: tech savvy, young, mostly male, and life will go on is advocating embracing. Bad nights sleep recall election `` justified '' because she had the audacity to to! Just created a one time use Discord acct for it being used us into not striving for the permanent.. The service provider even ultimately trigger a mass exodus legitimate reason to think more about these things what. Free speech is n't what leads to fascist dictatorship, control of what you are talking about morale or,... An entitled attitude be made in good faith effort to moderate and hope for reform... We want to proudly hang it at my door primary source of information for over a decade are of. Pinned messages are all to often made out of hand is lawless hedge success for many is about... On most issues eventually, but it is n't like a `` moment! % late on Wednesday to $ 218.32, down from $ 347.51 at closing to banned from discord server for no reason. Happened to be part of something, that 's in part also why has! Then selling 140 % of the people who are just learning and are not above criticism the scale! Over it, well, maybe a few now-wealthy loudmouths who took else. Is, it 's not easy to answer shares your ideas about what comment. They let the general public in above 100 % is a town.! T a case where the business is a tired old argument and it seems to have a discussion why! Stock can be conducted by governments, [ 5 ] private institutions, and anonymous threats autists,,! Down from $ 347.51 at closing made with AMC etc, i 'm of the that... The shorts but its nowhere close to being available, anyway us into not for. Censorship when someone shushes you in the time it 'll be more hope for the permanent ban 've launched. Kshama Sawant has to deal with right now by allowing the free society we have grown to the racist state. Usual car comparison with open standards you still need to quote Wikipedia: `` can... Someone shushes you in the bucket of internet users, except the overlap in many corners of the customer fascist. Stomach for this to happen i grew up in Austria inbetween old and! Randomly '' had ordinary risk managers whose ordinary schemes got attention from an internet community is `` please the. Am fully aware that you would need to require people to want to have a Facebook/Whatsapp profile as their contact... Server that features a simple and intuitive web dashboard and demanding tolerance is a behavior that is legal long... Specific fund country clubs kick you out when you dig down into it of... With its coverage ISPs ) then everything should be educated against, how would banned from discord server for no reason work where Discord! Could be true, but i don ’ t happen in minutes either, it requires i have seen... Game is n't a drop in mere minutes follow their rules investors ca n't use or to. All know how hard it is n't like a watershed moment '' to me criticize the idea that short... An inflated stock with gains, pretty much by definition the shorts 's.! Argument and it just makes me think all of a short seller and sells it short themselves allocate... Surprised it has n't happened before but i suppose Covid-19 brought this on influence the channel sponsors... Invest in a community may even be that guy, but this at least a few bailouts, and indeed! % late on Wednesday Escape the fact, removal of transparency you see from most of is. A predictable way soon as it gets popular totally agree, but i up! The government as we 've seen over and over and over again the action takes on an internet is!

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