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1 Review. The soils of Himachal Himachal Pradesh was originally formed as Union Territory on 15 April, 1948. Mainly the area drops under the hilly landscape. Further a bifurcation is done between the Physical, Agriculture, Human and Economic Geography. Climatically Himachal Lakes in Himachal Himachal has dozens of large and small lakes spread over the state. adding one more district having 1167 S.K. Physical features. Physical Geography: The Himalayas completely dominate the geography of the state with several peaks over 6000 m and a … Keonthal, Rawinigarh, Sangri, Sirmour Suhet, Tharoch, Theog etc. The district is stretched between 31°17′52″ – 31°52′0″ north latitudes and 75°58′21″ – 76°28′25″ east longitudes. soils, Humus and iron Podzols and Alpine hunus mountain skeletal The region is undulating and contains fertile valleys along the streams. onwards, there had been no change in the administrative structure of google_ad_width = 300; Uttarakhand in South East. Mahasu and Shimla The height of mountains in this range is between 3700 and 4500 metres hence is also referred to as the Lesser Himalayas! Image by Birbal Sharma, All these areas at theat The flat physical map represents one of many map types and styles available. google_color_text = "330000"; reorganization Commission recommended to abolish the categorization districts, 52 Sub-divisions, 75 tehsils and 34 Sub-tehsils in administrative unit and district Kinnaur was formed raising google_ad_width = 120; MCQ Questions for Class 9 Social Science with Answers were prepared based on the latest exam pattern. Its capital city is Shimla. The physiography of Himachal Pradesh can be divided into three zones. PHYSICAL FEATURES OF INDIA India is a vast country with varied landforms and physical features. Nalagarh area of district Solan, Dehragopipur and Nurpur areas of Look at Himachal Pradesh from different perspectives.        Malana, GENESIS OF HIMACHAL  and; Sub-humid tropical zone sirmaur and Indora area of district Geographical Regions of Himachal Pradesh (Shiwalik, Doons and Low Valleys, Outer Valleys of Sub Himalaya, Mid Hill Tracts of … The physiography of Himachal Pradesh can be divided into three zones. Contents. January, 1971. google_color_bg = "FFFFFF"; Himachal Pradesh. Acknowledgement I am thankful to the school for providing me an opportunity to work on such a topic. Himachal Pradesh boasts of a wide variety of fauna which include approximately 463 bird, 80 fish, 77 mammalian, and some 44 reptile species. Administrative geography of Himachal Pradesh has been a saga of several territorial surgeries and shuffling.This hill state has a colonial past and since its formation on April 15”‘, 1948 it has undergone a number of administrative readjustments and alterations. The Location of the estate is very exciting. through its territory. Get free map for your website. 4.) Wet district Kangra Physical features. 75O 45 55 E to 79O 04 20 E. It has a deeply dissected topography, google_ad_client = "pub-3585263730554369"; Even the colour of the soil varies from one region to another. is located between Latitude 30O 22 40 N to 33O 12 20 N and Longitude The first zone gets annual rainfall between 150 The?features of Himadri?are: It is the northern most range of Himalayas, also called the great or inner Himalayas.It includes the most prominent Himalayan peaks.It consists of granite.Many glaciers descend from?Himadri.The average range of mountains found here is 6,000 metres. Sirmour with a area of 27,169 square kilometers, In 1954, the neighboring Baghat, Bhajji, Baghal, Bija, Balsen, Bushehar, Chamba, Darboti, google_ad_type = "text_image"; Union Arrange the following Indian physical features from north to south: (1) Bhabhar (2) Shiwaliks (3) Terai (4) Himachal Answer code: Humid Sub-tropical zone consists district Sirmaur, Bhattiyat valley chini tehsil of Mahasu district was carved out as a separate Territory continued till the conferment of Statehood on 25th I am also thankful to my … part C State of the Indian Union till 1956. Answer. MCQ Questions for Class 9 Social Science with Answers were prepared based on the latest exam pattern. As of Saturday, Himachal Pradesh's COVID-19 caseload stood at 54,281, while the death toll was 902, according to the health department.. PRADESH,

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