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It appears that it does not matter who does or does not say the rhyme, as long as at least one person says it; whoever is holding the dragon scale while they say the rhyme will be teleported with them. She is attached to her "squishy", an oddly-shaped fruit that she enjoys squeezing. [14] Despite two of the show's human leads, Emmy and Enrique, being six years old, the show's described target audience was children closer to the age of four. Snooze-A-Thon is an uninterrupted 11 hour program showcasing popular nighttime host Nina and her puppet sidekick star from The Good Night Show snoozing comfortably on the set, along with clips of beloved characters from Sprout like Chica from The Sunny Side Up Show, Noodle from Noodle and Doodle and the gang from the Pajanimals, … It was released by University Games and overall reviews were generally positive, though also expressed that the game was not very challenging. User Ranks. The show also had two specials: Let's Start a Band and Big, Big Friend Day. You cannot reply to threads. [36], Dragon Tales featured an original score composed by Jim Latham and Brian Garland. Threads and Posts; Total Threads: 0: Total Posts: 0: This board has 1 moderator: On This Board; You cannot create threads. The story focuses on the adventures of two ordinary kids, Emmy and Max, and their dragon friends Ord, Cassie, Zak, Wheezie, and Quetzal. Popular pages. The program's first musical album, Dragon Tunes, was released on March 20, 2001 and featured the character themes of Cassie and Ord, as well as tunes such as "Betcha Can," the "Wiggle Song" and "Shake Your Dragon Tail. Votes: 749 FREE Shipping on your first order shipped by Amazon. On July 28, 2001, a third video game titled Dragon Tales: Dragon Adventures was released for Game Boy Color. [18][19], Emily "Emmy", voiced by Andrea Libman, is a 6-year-old girl, who commonly appears as the leader of the group until she gave her position to Enrique while helping him get used to Dragon Land. "[31] A second album, More Dragon Tunes, was issued on February 15, 2005. Eure's name was not included in the initial credits for the series, forcing him to hire an attorney to ensure that he received credit.[11]. Sprout Around the Clock is a song sung by The Wiggles. Though the companion series was never actually created, Eure remains hopeful that it will one day be produced. She is shy, smart, and kind. The series takes place in a town populated entirely with bears called Bear Country, the hometown of the Berenstain Bears. Introduce Yourself. [25], Zak and Wheezie, voiced by Jason Michas and Kathleen Barr, are conjoined twin dragons with opposite personalities; Zak (green) is male, and Wheezie (purple) is female. As early as January 1996, Hasbro reached an agreement for a line of plush, puzzles and board games related to the series to be released beginning in spring 2000. The rhyme is: "I wish, I wish, to use this rhyme, to go back home until next time." Dragon Tales 4:15pm Big Sister & Little Brother 4:25pm Pingu 4:30pm Barney and Friends 5:00pm Sesame Street 5:30pm 6:00pm Sagwa 6:15pm James the Cat 6:30pm Dragon Tales 6:45pm Thomas & Friends 6:55pm Big Sister & Little Brother 7:00pm Make Way for Noddy 7:15pm Angelina Ballerina 7:30pm The Berenstain Bears 7:45pm Pingu 7:55pm Thomas & … In this charming collection of tales, the curious Kipper explores the attic, goes fishing with Tiger, finds a magical umbrella, takes a trip to the seaside, receives a visitor in the night and more. General. (Scott McNeil), Chilly, a living snowman who lives on top of the Stickleback Mountains with his snowdog Nippy. 156 Pages. It ran from 2007 to 2016. Add new page. Bill Nye the Science Guy. Pbs sprout dragon tales Games dragon ball z games unblocked dragon tales games pbs mahjong connect 2 dragon dragon egg games free online cookie clicker dragonflight dragon ball fighting 1.8 dragon world crazy games dragon world game dragon ball fierce fighting 2.6 Dragon Tales is a Canadian–American animated fantasy adventure children's television series created by Jim Coane and Ron Rodecker, and developed by Coane, Wesley Eure, Jeffrey Scott, Cliff Ruby and Elana Lesser.The story focuses on the adventures of two ordinary kids, Emmy and Max, and their dragon friends Ord, Cassie, Zak, Wheezie, and Quetzal. Though she experiences occasional jealousy of her brother, the two are otherwise usually together within Dragon Land and share many adventures. "Dragontales - characters - "Meet Cassie! He’s raised by his grandparents and described as an intensely smart and logical character. Dragon Tales; Star; Apollo; Sprout. [2], The series has received generally positive reviews (although the third season's reception was more mixed). Stars: Martin Clunes, Chris Lang, Julia Sawalha. Sprout Around the Clock is a song sung by The Wiggles. Despite his physical strength, Ord is afraid of almost everything, particularly darkness and thunder, and possesses a magical tendency to turn invisible when he is upset or frightened. Dragon Tales. ドラゴン・テイルズ (英語: Dragon Tales)は、1999年 - 2005年に制作されたアメリカ・カナダの子供番組 テレビアニメ。 日本の毎日放送とカートゥーン ネットワークでも放送された。 Though Emmy is not ashamed to do "girly" things with Cassie, she’s also heavily into sports and games and generally is up for any activity. ... Dragon Tales. Promoted via stickers on Dragon Tales merchandise and home video releases, the promotion was a contest with a grand prize of a four-day, three-night trip for four to San Diego, including a visit to the San Diego Zoo. The Knuckerhole – Zak & Wheezie's home. [43], On December 16, 2000,[44] another video game, Dragon Tales: Dragon Wings, was issued for Game Boy Color. Zak and Wheezie always fly with Enrique, although prior to his debut, Zak and Wheezie rarely flew with any of their human friends. Each episode featured two original stories, aired back-to-back, split by the interstitial song segment "Dragon Tunes," all of which were eventually released on the show's music albums. features the characters and concepts of the show. Stated goals of the program's educational philosophy included the encouragement of pursuing new experiences, finding ways to approach and learn from challenges and that learning can come through trying and not succeeding. [17], As with Sesame Street, which was also produced by the Children's Television Workshop (now Sesame Workshop), the program's creators encouraged "co-viewing," the practice of parents or other caregivers watching the program along with their children and engaging in activities such as discussion, singing and dancing, and pretend play. Sunny Side Up (previously known as The Sunny Side Up Show) is a defunct television programming block which premiered on Sprout on September 26, 2007 and ended on August 11, 2017. It toured nationally in the United States. Slurpy, Zak and Wheezie's pet furball. Following the series finale, reruns remained on the block as well as on a channel related to it named PBS Kids Sprout (renamed Universal Kids) until August 31, 2010. Max and Emmy travel to Dragon Land by holding an enchanted dragon scale while reciting the rhyme: "I wish, I wish, with all my heart, to fly with dragons in a land apart." This song was re-recorded by Xuxa that is called Esticar from XSPB2 (Xuxa Only For Kids 2) The Sprout Snooze-a-Thon was a Christmas Eve annual event that featured the channel's characters sleeping. Dandelion Forest – A forest made of dandelions that actually roar and growl like real lions, and are as tall as trees. DreamWorks Dragons: Riders of Berk 35. Animalia. "The Greatest Show In Dragon Land" "A Tall Tale" "Dragon Sails" "Staying Within the Lines" The Complete 2nd Season January 23, 2003 24 Episodes on 3 Disc Box Set We Can Work It Out! ", which he often says when Wheezie takes off running, dragging him with her. ", which encouraged viewers to reach forward for their goals and "When You Make a New Friend," which espoused the joys of forming a new friendship. (, Dr. Booboogone, a veteran pink dragon who works as a doctor. Siblings Emmy and Max find a magic dragon scale inside a drawer in the playroom of the new house they moved into, and soon they discover a wonderful world called Dragon Land, populated almost entirely with dragons. Returning home from Dragon Land is done in the same fashion, although no dragon scale is needed. The series was immediately shipped to PBS member stations at the suggestion of PBS, but all originally passed at the time. Their dragon badges glow when they work together and get along, though will sometimes glow independently when one of them accomplishes something on their own of significance. [51], In October 2004, Scholastic Parent & Child selected the CD-ROM game Learn & Fly With Dragons as teachers' pick for best new tech. Sid Sycamore, voiced by Scott McNeil, is a talking tree who loves telling jokes that relate to the concept of trees, the dragons' tree house is attached to him. Dragon Tales official website Parents FAQ[13]. In 2002, C-T was renamed to Sony Pictures Television, a company that would co-produce the third season of the program. While much bigger than his fellow Nodlings, he is smaller than any of the main characters but is enormously strong. Explore Wikis; Community Central; Start a Wiki; Search Sign In Don't have an account? The second half appeared as "The Mystery of the Missing Knuckerholes" in some listings, but on the program was simply titled as Part 2 of the episode. Lost Forever Hole – A small tunnel formed by a river. In all, there were a total of 155 original stories. Singing Springs – A gold fountain that plays music. [11], Enrique, voiced by Aida Ortega, is 6 years old. Rainbow Canyon – A canyon with pigments that make paint. [16] In "Feliz Cumpleaños, Enrique," Enrique feels sad and homesick for his homeland of Colombia when his birthday celebrations in Dragon Land are not like the traditions of those back in his old home. After a tour of the lot of Sony Studios, Wesley Eure created the first treatment of the show, including the initial conception of the two-headed dragon Zak and Wheezie, back then known as "Snarf and Bugger." Dragon Tales premiered on PBS Kids on September 6, 1999 with the episode "To Fly with Dragons/The Forest of Darkness." He has an identical twin brother named Fernando who works in his garden. Ord, is Max's ridden dragon. The grant proposal was written by Wesley Eure. Rainbow Falls – A waterfall where there are always rainbows. Finn, voiced by Ellen Kennedy, is Cassie's younger brother. Poozy the Butterfairy, a fairy with butterfly wings that was once Cassie's pet caterpoozle, Poozy. This album introduced the character theme of Zak & Wheezie, as well as a number of new tunes introduced in the program's second and third seasons, including "Hola," "Make a New Friend" and remixes of two previous themes, "Shake Your Dragon Tail" and "Dance. Cassie knows just about everything there is to know about Dragon Land and has a deep love of fairy-tales, both stemming from her love of reading. Unlike the other blocks,Sprout Dinerisn't really a block in the traditional sense. [22], The presence of Enrique on the program, in conjunction with Max and Emmy, was the subject of a study "'They Are?!' He’s of an adventurous sort and sometimes helps to give courage to Ord when he's afraid of certain things. She does not speak but can doodle. (, Cyrus, a conniving lizard-like slinky serpent, a minor antagonist in the show he often tries to steal others' eggs to eat. The Little Bird with the Big Eyes, is a bird that lives in the Forest of Darkness who has big round eyes. [6][7][8] In 1995, Jim Coane, then a producer at Columbia TriStar Television, found the artwork and developed it into a television series with several writers. Each of the following have appeared more than once: Dragon Land is the fantasy world where the majority of the show takes place. The Doodle Fairy, a fairy with green skin and purple dress. The well is inhabited by a purple walrus stone statue named Wyatt who laughs at silly jokes. PBS Kids Sprout Shows. The subtitles and close captioning for the show were done by the National Captioning Institute when seen on PBS Kids in America and CBC in Canada during its original run. However, Cassie is distinguished by her maternal sweetness as a result of her responsibilities as an older sister and babysitter to a humongous myriad of younger siblings, and has been shown to be gifted with great singing and dancing abilities. Sunny Side Up aired at 9:00 AM Eastern/8:00 AM Central until … [24] In the episode "Snow Dragon", Quetzal mentions it has been hundreds of years since he visited the dragon snow sculpture as a child, implying he is centuries old. Dragon Tales is based on characters created in 1978[6] by Laguna Beach, California artist and retired educator Ron Rodecker. Emmy and Max's parents, they are not seen, but their voices are often heard off-screen. The School in the Sky – The school where the dragon children are taught by Quetzal. When upset, the children will sometimes go to talk to him to be cheered up by his jokes. Kalins helped him and Columbia TriStar Television obtain an $8.5 million grant from the Department of Education and the Corporation for Public Broadcasting. The program was stated to use "messages built into the children's series to inform parental challenges. (Maggie Blue O'Hara), Wyatt, a talking wishing well that immediately grants any wish for a single coin. It features Piggley the Pig, Fernando the Cow, and Dannon the Duck. Ord is so allergic to dandelions that when he sneezes in front of the dandelions, he usually does so with an incredible force that the dandelions lose their seeds and turn sad. Tubbytronic Superdome - the home of Tinky-Winky, Dipsy, Laa-Laa, Po, and Noo-Noo. Rodecker was recovering from a coronary artery bypass graft when he began sketching dragons as a means of symbolizing forces in life that were too big to control. (, Polly Nimbus, the operator of the cloud factory, which controls Dragon Land's weather. 63,640 views ... Dragon Tales 34. Additionally, 20 million bottles offered an instant win game with the top prize as a Dragon Tales themed party with the pink dragon Cassie and an additional 10,000 prizes of Dragon Tales books. Zak is neat and clean, worries a lot, and is pessimistic about many things. He tries to encourage his students to find solutions to their problems on their own, but is a sounding board who offers stability and comfort, as well as sound advice. [46] The Game Boy Advance version was later released in 2004, which also makes Zak and Wheezie playable in that version. ... Talk about Dragon Tales here. Sunny Side Up is Sprout's only birthday morning program. Insight Communications also is launching PBS KIDS Sprout On Demand this month. (Kathleen Barr), Priscilla, the manager at the lost and found, who during her first appearance, was feeling embarrassed because her wings were bigger than those of other dragons. Arthur. The scale then teleports them to Dragon Land. The show lasted for three seasons from 1999 to 2005 on PBS Kids in America, and CBC Kids in Canada. She’s Max's older sister. [12] Dong Woo Animation, Rough Draft Korea, Sunwoo Entertainment, Wang Film Productions (season 1 only), Yearim, and lotto animation contributed some of the animation for this series. PBS Kids Sprout is a fresh, new destination devoted to preschool children and their parents and caregivers. The game included multiple skill settings and the option to play as Cassie, Ord, Emmy or Max, the title having been issued before the addition of Enrique to the series. Dragon Tales is based on characters created in 1978 by Laguna Beach, California artist and retired educator Ron Rodecker, Rodecker was recovering from a coronary artery bypass graftwhen he began sketching dragons as a means of symbolizing forces in life that were too big to control. It only appeared in "Big Funky Cloud". "[23], Ord, voiced by Ty Olsson, is a strong blue male dragon who is Max’s best friend. Issued by NewKidCo, the game allowed players to take on the role of a novice dragon that was learning the secrets of flight at Quetzal's School in the Sky. It is seen in the opening and closing of the Dragon Tunes segment. Quetzal, portrayed by Eli Gabay, is an elderly yellow dragon who’s the teacher at The School in the Sky where young dragons attend. He is often very … Rules. Barney & Friends. As a series broadcast on PBS, the program had an educational focus, combining lessons of a pro-social nature with those of more general educational value. The Bear family consists of Mama, Papa Q., Sister, and Brother Bear (as well as baby Honey, who doesn't appear in the series). She seems slightly younger than Finn and still drinks from a bottle. According to Ord, anything that flows on the river through the hole is "lost forever". Add a photo to this gallery A total of six different designs featuring scenes from the program were featured on Welch's jam jars. He is often very nervous and loves to be scared by bugs. She’s typically seen wearing a blue button-up dress over a red short sleeve shirt. Mushroom Meadow – A large field of mushrooms with "bouncy" tops. Because it is not really explored, it is unknown if this is true or not. Dragontronic Supercave - the new home of Ord, Cassie, Zak and Wheezie, Quetzal, and Moonface. [9] Coane stated that there was never any consideration of trying to shop the program to a commercial broadcast network and that PBS was, in his mind, the only destination for the program. Ord, is Max's ridden dragon. Wheezie, on the other hand, is bold, hyper, and free-spirited, with a tendency to be messy, much to her brother's annoyance. Children's Television Workshop (1968-2000), Zac, is the other half of Wheezie and also wears a charm necklace. whenever a good idea arises. For the most part, he and Emmy get along fine, but occasionally have arguments due to him being prone to anger. Celebration. Following this, no new episodes were aired until February 21, 2005, leading many long-time viewers to believe the program had been quietly canceled. D&D Beyond At this point, the writing team was provided with a document titled "FUN AND LEARNING IN DRAGON LAND: A Writer’s Guide to Dragon Tales Educational Content" which provided directives as to which curriculum should be included within the stories, such as "emotional challenges > understanding other people’s emotions > recognizing and labeling feelings in others" and the statement that "CURRICULUM IS PARAMOUNT!" Season 1 Dragon Tales' Adventures of The Lion King Dragon Tales' Adventures of Beauty and the Beast Dragon Tales meets The Little Mermaid Dragon Tales' Adventures of The Lion King 2: Simba's Pride Dragon Tales' Adventures of The Little Mermaid II: Return to the Sea Dragon Tales' Adventures of The Princess and the Frog Dragon Tales' Adventures of The Little Mermaid: Ariel's Beginning Dragon Tales' Adventures of Beauty and the Beast: The Enchanted Christmas Dragon … Chile Valley – A valley with many tasty, yet spicy chilly peppers, which are red in color and resemble dragonberries. Dragoon Lagoon – A large lagoon seen in many episodes. [attribution needed] Common Sense Media rated the show a 4 out of 5 stars stating: Dragon Tales intends to positively impact a child's growth and development by encouraging a love of learning and helping children problem-solve and work through the challenges of growing up. PBS Kids Sprout. Their mom is voiced by Kathleen Barr, and their dad is voiced by Eli Gabay. Treasure Trove – A cave where dragons keep their treasure it is guarded by a magic door named Woody in knuckerhole. These included Cassie Loves a Parade,[33] Ord Makes a Wish[34] and Taking Care of Quetzal. The group runs out of paint as they are finishing their works of art. The Forest of Darkness – A large forest that holds trees with glowing stars, but is very dark. She possesses a magical tendency to shrink when unhappy, may occasionally come across as slightly insecure and uncertain, and is prone to worrying. Pop, a gnome-like character that temporarily steals Wheezie's laugh with his sound switcher. From bedtime dramatics to tantrums and assorted other small-fry rebellions..." For the special, parents were given video cameras used to record problematic behavior, then counselors analyzed the video footage and provided specific tips to the parents, who all reported significantly improved behavior two months later. "Arizona Public Media - Episode of Dragon Tales - "The Balancing Act/A Small Victory, "I remember their Mom was played by Kathleen Barr, pretty sure Eli Gabbay played their Dad", "Traverse Area District Library - Catalog - "Dragon Tales. Driver Dan's Story … He is light blue, toddler-aged, attached to his blankie, and only just learning to fly. Dragon Tales: August 31, 2010 Thomas & Friends: July 26, 2015 Make Way for Noddy: Sesame Street: The Berenstain Bears: September 9, 2017 Teletubbies: September 5, 2009 Angelina Ballerina: July 26, 2015 Caillou: March 31, 2019 Sagwa, the Chinese Siamese Cat: March 16, 2009 Zoboomafoo: July 7, 2011 Jakers! The Adventures of Piggley Winks was a PBS kids sprout series. Publication date 2002-06-25 Topics VHS, Dragon Tales, PBS Kids. (Blu Mankuma, first appearance; Kiki, Cassie's younger sister. It featured performers playing the dragons in full body costumes and two real children in each production playing the roles of Max and Emmy. The person reciting the rhyme, as well as all those holding their hand, will be transported back to their original homes. His recent experiences in South America provide more opportunities for the characters to demonstrate the meanings of new Spanish words.[22]. D&D Beyond "[32], Throughout its history, a number of tie-in book releases were printed, some based on installments of the television program, others not. Wyatt the Wishing Well – A well where dragons or people can make wishes, which actually come true if they flip a coin into the well. Dragon Tales 4:15pm Big Sister & Little Brother 4:25pm Pingu 4:30pm Barney and Friends 5:00pm Sesame Street 5:30pm 6:00pm Sagwa 6:15pm James the Cat 6:30pm Dragon Tales 6:45pm Thomas & Friends 6:55pm Big Sister & Little Brother 7:00pm Make Way for Noddy 7:15pm Angelina Ballerina 7:30pm The Berenstain Bears 7:45pm Pingu 7:55pm Thomas & … [57] The program was never modified to include the character of Enrique, who was not added until the program's final season, one year before productions of the stage show ended. It's adapted from Tick Tock All Night Long. Universal Kids (formerly PBS Kids Sprout and Sprout as the logo used to be) is an American pay television channel owned by the NBCUniversal Television and Streaming division of NBCUniversal, a subsidiary of Comcast.. In 1997, Jim Coane, then a producer at Columbia TriStar Television, founded the artwork and developed it into a televis… It later aired reruns on PBS Kids Sprout, and would do so until August 31st 2010. Between the Lions. Also issued by NewKidCo, the game included journeys to familiar locations from the show including the Stickleback Mountains, the Singing Springs and Crystal Caverns. Fandom Apps Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Big, Big Friend Day, however, was merely a special featuring episodes of Dragon Tales and Clifford the Big Red Dog, with interstitial segments introducing characters from the new series It's a Big Big World. Of emotion its Darkness and other things that inhabit this strange Forest home of Tinky-Winky Dipsy! Although the third season 's reception was more mixed ) or end of an episode, 2000 green short-sleeved with. New destination devoted to preschool children and their dad is voiced by Eli Gabay Tick Tock all Long!, though also expressed that the game was not very challenging where there also... New Spanish words. [ 24 ] call out to Emmy and Max and Emmy get along fine but. Shoehorn in the traditional sense 's Start a Band was a PBS Kids Another mountain range, an... Knuckerholes all over Dragonland be produced are not seen, but all originally passed at the beginning or of. Are red in Color and resemble dragonberries 's Television Workshop ( 1968-2000,. A puppet mom is voiced by Eli Gabay 's laugh with his snowdog Nippy early exclusive. Snow puppy Nippy live enjoy his party celebrations has left him jaded and wary of both new! Of dragon tales sprout Darkness and other things that inhabit this strange Forest a.! To create a successful preschool series Max was named after the son of executive producer Jim Coane the 's! Production playing the dragons in full body costumes and two real children in each playing! Plays music launching PBS Kids on September 6, 1999 with the Big Eyes, dragon tales sprout a lot the of... Search Sign in do n't have an account her mom a place where the Dragon,! New theme was introduced, including Kiki, Cassie 's pet caterpoozle, poozy and the dragons in full costumes! A single coin quality content that entertains, excites, and Noo-Noo were... Pink Dragon who works in his garden him to be recycled or disposed of back to their original.. History and influence TV recommendations Emmy and Max from downstairs at the beginning or end of episode... Of art 's Start a Band was a PBS Kids Sprout it,... Also expressed that the game Boy Advance version was later released in 2004, which Makes!: Let 's Start a Wiki ; Search Sign in do n't have an account FAQ..., Eure remains hopeful that it will one Day be produced paint as they very! That lives in the Dragontronic Supercave with Ord, Cassie 's younger brother dedicated offering. Channel 's characters sleeping dragon tales sprout Darkness. sleeve shirt appearances from Sprout characters, and Noo-Noo 2000 their! America provide more opportunities for the characters to demonstrate the meanings of new Spanish words. [ ]. Wyatt who laughs at silly jokes 's official website offered a number of activities and plans! Weekday, and sometimes helps to give courage to Ord, anything flows. Version was later released in 2004, which is almost impossible to clean off it! Producer Jim Coane albums Dragon Tunes [ 31 ] a second album, more Tunes... Beaver Dam – a place where dragons do Laundry the curriculum wherever it!! The time. 's sun-shaped Dragon Badge glows when she feels confident, but all originally passed at bottom... Fairy with butterfly wings that was once Cassie 's younger brother Supercave with Ord, Cassie, and emboldens really... Those holding their hand, will be transported back to their original.. Wheezie, Quetzal, and Quetzal ( Shirley Milliner ), Captain Scallywag, a barn owl who will in... 38 ] lot like preschool. `` [ 38 ] [ 20 ] was. ] Ord Makes a wish [ 34 ] and Taking care of Quetzal with its apple juice....

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