best spinnerbait for muddy water

Suspending Jerkbait. If the water is clear, something like ajerkbait is going to be a better choice.” As he discussed his theory… Most of all, it generates lots of water resistance, and a strong underwater vibration. There aren’t a lot of baits more versatile than a spinnerbait, and that’s the main reason they can still load the boat when the water’s flowing mud. “I used to think water temperature was the most important thing,but now I believe water clarity has more of an impact, especially when talkingspinnerbaits,” he said. The spinnerbait probably is the greatest tool in fishing for fooling muddy-water fish. A chatterbait is an extremely popular and effective bass fishing lure that can be deadly in shallow muddy water. Admittedly, the light wire will get out of shape more frequently, so you have to tune it periodically. Fishing muddy water is second nature to many anglers but if you're a Western fisherman these recent storms have completely changed the way you fish. If you normally flip a beaver-style bait, try switching to a tube with a rattle, or add a punch skirt to give it more bulk. Knowing what baits to use and when to switch between them will make a huge difference. The Single Colorado is given the nod for night fishing, for cold water and dark, muddy water. If the spinnerbait catches their eye too late, your going to be making another cast instead of landing a biggun'. The thump will grab the fish’s attention." … Don't be afraid of mud! “And there isn’t a better lure for muddy water than the spinnerbait.”. MUDDY WATER SPINNERBAIT BASS FISHING. This combination draws the attention of any nearby fish. A good all-around blade combination is one with a Colorado and an Indiana blade. “And there isn’t a better lure for muddy water than the spinnerbait.” I found that to be true in my professional career and later in my recreational fishing. Spinner baits: As for the jigs and the soft-plastics, even with spinner baits we are still talking of big lures! There aren’t a lot of baits more versatile than a spinnerbait, and that’s the main reason … I was about 17 years old when I met a man holding the biggest stringer of bass I’d ever laid eyes upon. If lures are to fishing as tools are to an automobile mechanic, then the spinnerbait could be the adjustable wrench in your toolbox. When he’s fishing stained to muddy water, Roy goes with a chartreuse and white 3/8-ounce Taylor Man’s spinnerbait sporting a #4 1/2 willowleaf blade and a #3 Colorado. "I can fish it shallow and the blades create a lot of turbulence (in the water). When retrieved through the water, the blades spin, flash as it catches sunlight and generates vibration by displacing water. I’ll never forget the first time I saw my first spinnerbait. The best three spinnerbaits for muddy water are: -3/4oz-1oz single colorado for really muddy water. “You do need some off-colored or muddy water forspinnerbaits to be at their best. But I’ve also learned that the spinnerbait can be equally effective in clear water. A spinnerbait’s ability to be fished at all the way throughout the water column makes it an extremely versatile lure. If you're tired of being stumped by cold, muddy water, this video is for you! If the water is clear and has vegetation, I would choose one with tandem willow-leaf blades because they turn through the grass better than rounded blades and throw off less flash. One of my best baits in cold, muddy water is a Redfish Magic, which is basically a safety pin spinnerbait. The chartreuse/white skirt works well when you’ve got conditions somewhere in between. I’ll fish skirts with blue or lime green in them the other 1 percent of the time. Blade colors can help, but I have not made it my norm in muddy water. In this case we'll vary significantly the color of the lure. The best chatterbait colors in muddy water in my opinion is either black & blue or white & chartreuse. How To Use Spinnerbait: Selecting the Best Spinner Blades for Your Water. However bass will hide in the muddy water towards the bottom and will eat up any unsuspecting fish that gets too close to the muddy current. For me, the best spinner bait for muddy water is a big ½ oz. Spring runoff, and thus fishing in muddy water, is a necessary part of the hydro-logic cycle. The heavier bait can be fished quickly near the surface, slow rolled on the bottom or dropped abruptly in the shade of a stump or log to trigger reactionary strikes. No votes so far! When it comes to fishing a jerkbait, you’re going to want to use the lightest line … Going with a heavier bait will help be slow down the retrieve speed while reducing the rate the spinnerbait rises in the water column. The willow blade provides the flash; the Colorado provides the vibration. The bass are adapting to their new home and will continue to feed. It also is the key to the Hank Parker Classic spinnerbait that Mann’s makes and has sold so well over the years. It hasn't lined up yet to win a national tournament, but it is going to. One of the best crappie jigs in muddy water has a red head, black body, and chartreuse tail. It is probably the most versatile lure a bass angler can own. The Hank Parker Classic comes in a variety of weights, but the ¼-ounce is my favorite. It's certainly one of the best spinnerbait swivels you can buy, and most economical." Christie’s thoughts on the importance of winter water temperaturehave changed over the years. Whether it’s a river system where the main artery scours the landscape and sends loads of sediment though its reservoir, or simply those hillside drains that funnel muddy water into the backs of pockets. If bass are holding tight to rock or weeds, a squarebill crankbait cannot be beat. The spinner harness is clipped to the jighead. For bass in muddy water, try chartreuse spinnerbaits or crankbaits. A Colorado spins at a wider arc, a 45-50 degree angle of rotation. Best lures for clear to muddy water transition: Standard crankbait. Spring rains, snow melt, a good summer tropical system—nature uses several methods of filling lakes and rivers, but such inflows always bring some level of mud. double gold willow leaf bladed and chartreuse skirts, … A spinnerbait that wobbles or leans tends to snag more often. Jason Sealock Here's a trend in bass fishing spinnerbaits for 2020 you might want to check out this spring with so much flooded, muddy water to fish. To fish this location, it’s best if you use a moving bait. These colors really stand out in muddy water. Chatterbait. The length of the wire between the head of the lure and the line tie is equally critical. I favor lures with a shorter distance between the two points because I’ve found it makes the bait more weedless. The spinnerbait probably is the greatest tool in fishing for fooling muddy-water fish. But when you’re catching more fish, it’s worth the nuisance. The kicker blade or "Okie blade" as some called it years ago when guys starting getting double Colorado bladed spinnerbaits with an orange front blade to fish in muddy waters of Oklahoma. I like the Lew’s BB1 baitcaster with a 5.1:1 gear ratio for this presentation. As the dirty water warms, a double-Colorado works for the same reasons but can be retrieved to hover just below the surface, but excels with a slow to medium retrieve. Use a black jig-and-pig with some chartreuse strands in the skirt. You can reel it at a really slow speed. Don't be afraid of the rising muddy water as our lakes hit flood stage. Well, when the water is stained or muddy, bass can’t see those lures; but they can still feel the thump of a Booyah Spinnerbait.” Just as the clarity of the water is important for winter fishing, the water temperature is extremely influential as well. The most important aspect for me is that a spinnerbait has two blades. The spinnerbait stands the test of time – it’s been a mainstay in tackle boxes for as long as people have been chasing fish. The dark and bright colors give the bass a target and allows them to locate you lure more easily. It will not only catch more fish, but it acts like a keel and keeps the lure running true. If your normal choice is a ½ ounce jig – in the mud, choose a rattling model in a dark color, and instead of a chunk, thread on a bulky creature bait or craw. When fishing muddy water, I want a bait with Colorado blades because of the amount of vibration they emit. However, a spinnerbait is much more than just a muddy water bait. 5 Fish limit of over 20 lbs on Terminator and War Eagle spinnerbaits We show how to catch big bass on spinnerbaits in muddy water.. If you’re wondering how to use spinnerbaits, you’ll want to read on! Tandem blades ensure that you always have at least one blade turning, especially if you bang into cover, and keep the lure from falling to one side or getting snagged. Finally, I want a trailer hook on my spinnerbait. SPINNERBAIT. Spinnerbaits. It works from cold, muddy, and shallow water during the winter and pre-spawn months to deep, dark water … Don't let muddy water intimidate you anymore, its time to adapt and overcome with these quick tips. Be the first to rate this post. What bass lure is more versatile than the spinnerbait? The bigger blades have more lift and allow Roy to slow his retrieve. It has twice as much vibration as any single-spin Colorado blade out there today. For that reason, flipping and pitching is a great way to draw strikes when it’s dirty. Murky water can be a real challenge, especially in Winter. Red has been the best color for muddy water, but still, the ol' silver or gold blades work … The reel you use to slow-roll a spinnerbait along the bottom in prespawn makes a big difference. "My favorite lure for muddy, pre-spawn conditions is a spinnerbait," said Jones. A Beginner’s Look at Spinnerbaits: As Chase mentions in the video, this is a simple setup that he uses to catch more bass in muddy waters.As anglers become more comfortable throwing different lures, personal preferences will definitely take over. -3/4oz colorado/indiana if there is more than 6”-8” of visibility. I found that to be true in my professional career and later in my recreational fishing. Fishing With a Spinnerbait. In today’s fast paced world, we’re often stuck fishing these conditions – so whether it’s muddy or not, we’re going fishing. The best swimbait and spinnerbait colors for muddy water will be chartreuses, whites, and oranges. This makes the lure more weedless and erases any concerns of snagging that I may have when working the bait through heavy cover. or ¾ oz. “The muddier the water, the bigger the fish,” he said. I pair it with a Lew’s Custom Speed Stick Series 6-foot, 10-inch, medium-heavy spinnerbait rod, but anything from 6-foot, 6-inch to 7-foot will get the job done. Tips and Techniques Discussed in this Video. Spinnerbait. The key is to make sure you’re using the right spinnerbait. Not only will it work in water that is clear, stained or muddy, a spinnerbait will catch bass that are holding in shallow water or deep around all sorts of structure and cover such as grass beds, brush, laydowns, rocks, ledges, docks and stumps. Try one of these three presentations for generating strikes while fishing in muddy water: High muddy water causes bass to relate closely to cover, much as you might hug a wall or banister while navigating a dark room. The same rule applies for plastics as well. Big Colorado blades move a lot of water, and should be staples on spinnerbaits while fishing in muddy water. Single blades will catch fish, but two seem to be more effective for me. You can fish a 1/8-ounce spinnerbait for clear shallow water or go up to 2 ounces and fish along deep ledges. Also, I want the top wire that supports the blades to extend over the middle of the hook. Because there’s no visibility, choose a spinnerbait that’s heavy on the thump, and light on the flash like the Strike King Premier Plus Spinnerbait. I say that because it’s one lure that fits so many different styles of fishing and water conditions. It recharges aquifers, raises water levels, and provides the nutrients necessary for productive fisheries. When it comes to muddy water a spinnerbait is in a league of it’s own. The spinnerbait consists of a metal wire shaft, a jig head paired with a stout hook and 1-3 spinning metal blades. Nick LeBrun, FLW Tour Professional, finished with a close 2 nd place finish in the 2019 FLW Tour Event on Sam Rayburn Reservoir, and did most of his work using The Big LeBoom Spinnerbait by V&M.The Big LeBoom is a single Colorado blade spinnerbait in ¾-ounce size. Lipless crankbait. I prefer light wire in the shaft of my spinnerbaits because it emits a lot of vibration, which I believe attracts more strikes. This combination won the Bassmaster Class and a Missouri Invitation for me back in my tournament days. The body is about the size of a small shad with a similar profile. Bass Fishing with THE BASS COLLEGE owner Steve vonbrandt and friend and member, Skip B, in Sussex County Delaware. We are sorry that this post was not useful for you! He told me he caught them all on a spinnerbait and gave me some advice. Also don’t be afraid to try unique darker colors like black, or red on your spinnerbaits when it’s muddy. The best spinnerbaits for these conditions will have big single or double Colorado blades, and bright skirt colors like chartreuse, red, or fire tiger. You can alter the way it looks, sounds and feels to the fish, as well as how it rides through the water, by simply changing blades. “Those baits are effective because the bass can see them in cold, clear water. I throw three colors 99 percent of the time – chartreuse, chartreuse/white and white. Any vibrating jig should be one of your first baits to rip through the channel while fishing in muddy water. When fishing muddy water, I want a bait with Colorado blades because of the amount of vibration they emit. Following much experimentation, owner Travis Bunting has developed a plastic body strong enough and realistic enough to take quite a beating and yet remain soft enough and realistic enough for the fish to hang on and not spit it out. A Colorado/Indiana blade combo excels in warm, muddy water and fishes well on a slow to medium retrieve. It also creates some tough fishing conditions – as high sediment loads muddy up the water making it extremely difficult for bass to track your baits. To maximize the bite, make sure you’re flipping something they’re gonna notice like the Gambler Ugly Otter. A crankbait is another great option for muddy conditions. If the water is clear and has vegetation, I would choose one with tandem willow-leaf blades because they turn through the grass better than rounded blades and throw off less flash. Just like a big Colorado blade, the vibrating jig packs a ton of thump into a package that’s easy to fish around both shallow and deep cover. Lures for Fishing in Clear Water: Tip: Use natural, light colored lures for clear water or sunny days. Slow rolling a spinnerbait is one of the best ways to catch a bass in low visibility situations. Muddy Water Baits has your answer! 10 Record-Setting Fish Caught In Utah This Season, 4 Tips To Prevent Your Feet From Freezing This Winter, Everything You Want To Know About The 10,000 Fish Yoto Worm, How The Army Uses Christmas Trees To Make Fishing Better, 10 Fishing Tips That Will Help You Catch A New Personal Best Bass. Bait Choices: Booyah Moon Talker Spinnerbait, Hildebrandt Tin Roller, Luck E Strike Rick Clunn Trickster Spinnerbait. Spinnerbaits with tails that help to make vibration and noise are also good in muddy conditions, however, it is best to use a spinnerbait that is weedless, meaning it has a hook guard so that it doesn’t get caught in weeds and structure. Most vibrating jigs, like the V & M Pacemaker Lightning Blade will shake the rod right out of your hand, and give blind bass an excellent target for their lateral lines to home in on. The dirtier the water, the bigger, bulkier, and louder you want a flipping bait to be. I use chartreuse in muddy water or when the sky is cloudy, but white when it’s bright or the water is clear. “The muddier the water, the bigger the fish,” he said.

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